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Home Events Alcatraz Festival – 13-15 August 2021 – Sportcampus Lange Munte, Kortrijk, Belgium

Alcatraz Festival – 13-15 August 2021 – Sportcampus Lange Munte, Kortrijk, Belgium

ALCATRAZ Hard Rock & Metal Festival: Friday 13th, Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th August 2021.

When we announced on 12 May that Alcatraz 2021 would take place as scheduled, we realised we were taking on a huge challenge. As we all know these are uncertain and turbulent times but all things pass and every cloud has a silver lining. More even, the dark clouds that were hanging over Alcatraz 2021 are slowly dissipating and what once seemed like an unattainable dream is now within our grasp. Live music is in the cards again, in an open air festival arena, without face masks or social distancing rules. We promised you a top-tier line-up and we feel we’ve lived up to that promise. We pulled out all the stops and despite the cancellation of countless festivals and tours we still managed to put together a bill worthy of our festival. Even so, as you might expect, a slew of bands won’t be able to make it this summer. On the bright side though, every single band that featured on the original 2020 line-up and that won’t be performing this summer has been carried over to Alcatraz 2022. As a result we already have an enviable list of confirmations for next year’s edition. In putting together the roster for this year we didn’t take the easy way out. Obviously postponing the introduction of our fourth stage to next year meant a significant reduction in the number of artists. Other bands have been replaced with a variety of top acts. Kreator, Doro, Jinjer, … these are just a few of the names that were not included in the original line-up but that have meanwhile been confirmed for Alcatraz 2021. Several Belgian bands also threw in the towel – some through lack of rehearsal time, others are hitting the studio to record new material. Here, too, we went for all killer, no filler. Newcomers include Bark, Sloper, Lalma, Feed, Thorium, After All, Powerstroke and White Heat – a mix of household names and new heavy hitters with quality as the common denominator. Stoner heroes Cowboys & Aliens have even chosen our correctional facility to celebrate their 25th anniversary and Channel Zero will be playing not one, but two sets! The band around Franky DSVD will open the Prison Stage on Friday with a set list taken exclusively from their third album ‘Unsafe’ and onwards; also on Friday they have agreed to close out the Swamp stage with an old school set with nothing but songs off their first two records. In other words, Channel Zero fans of every ilk will get their fill on Friday 13 August but come on time if you don’t want to miss out on your first helping of black fuel.
To summarise, putting together this line-up was a genuine jigsaw quandary. It was nothing but blood, toil, tears and sweat but the end result is definitely worth it. We are proud of this varied line-up featuring the best of the (available) bands and artists from all heavy genres. We are looking forward to this summer and we can’t wait to see you all in Kortrijk in mid-August!
A final string of bands will be announced shortly …
Here we are with the final bands to complete the 2021 line-up. We’ve got twelve more for you and it’s an even split between six Belgian bands and six international acts. Diversity and quality are always our two main selection criteria and this year is no exception. With At the Gates and Hypocrisy we’ve billed two Swedish death metal pioneers. Both formed in 1990, they rank among the flagbearers of a generation of metal fans the likes of which the world had never seen. Also from Sweden but a different type of band altogether is Eclipse, the showpiece of quality label Frontiers Records who are absolute masters at melodic rock. Hailing not from the north but from the east are German power metal mongers Orden Ogan, who will be showcasing their new record ‘Final Days’. The Covid pandemic forced our friends of Summer Breeze festival to cancel again and as a result we have the pleasure of welcoming them to Alcatraz this summer. In addition, they will be accompanied by two more bands they could choose freely. They opted for modern death metallers Necrotted (Germany) and melodic death metal peddlers Omnium Gatherum (Finland). Fireforce! ‘At last’, I hear you thinking, and rightly so. This is a much deserved slot at Alcatraz for a hard-working band who are hungry for the recognition they deserve. From the combat metal of Fireforce to the black metal, sludge and doom of Alkerdeel is a bit of a leap but Alcatraz has always welcomed the whole gamut of metal genres. La Morgue will also host Eternal Breath and Drakkar. They will wreak havoc on Friday evening in tandem with the top acts that were announced earlier such as Cyclone, Killer and Ostrogoth. Tim’s Favourite represents the alternative side of metal. If you’re unfamiliar with the band think of a quirky version of Tool, flavoured with some Helmet and seasoned with a generous pinch of grunge. The first two festival days have taken their toll and your head feels like Big Ben on Sunday? No worries! The Grave Brothers will happily clear the cobwebs from your head and blast the crust from your eyes with an incendiary mix of rock ‘n’ roll and punk, dipped in a sauce of surf, pub folk and country. As you can see Alcatraz has once again gone out of its way to cater to all metal tastes. So we’ll see you in August, right?
Alcatraz Festival takes place on 13-14-15 August 2021 at Sportcampus Lange Munte in Kortrijk, Belgium.
 TICKETS & INFO: www.alcatraz.be/en/tickets
Combi tickets are flying out the door.
Completely sold out: VIP day tickets + VIP combi tickets + camper tickets.
For all Covid-related questions please visit our website.

The event is finished.



13 - 15 Aug 2021


17:00 - 23:55

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