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Home Events (CANCELLED) Wacken Open Air – 30 july – 1 august 2020 – Wacken (DE)

(CANCELLED) Wacken Open Air – 30 july – 1 august 2020 – Wacken (DE)

Dear Metalheads,

yesterday, the German government decided that due to the Coronavirus pandemic, no mass gatherings will be allowed until August, 31st 2020. We are facing an unprecented situation in our 30 years: It is with heavy hearts that we have to announce that there will be no Wacken Open Air this year.

Our whole team has been working intensively on the festival these last months and the more all of us are bitterly disappointed that we are not allowed to celebrate a Wacken Open Air with you. This administrative order affects us heavily and we will need some time to process the bad news.

Nevertheless, we support the decision of the German government in this difficult situation for the whole world. Your health and safety have always been and always will be our top priority. We as promoters are therefore bound to take an even greater responsibility and have to follow the instructions of the experts.

Concerning Wacken Open Air 2021 and options for your already bought tickets we will reach out to you asap but ask for a little bit of patience whilst we work through this. We thank you for your trust during times which are unparalleled for all of us.

Stay healthy – In Metal We Trust!

Your W:O:A Team


Who is ready for another round? W:O:A 2020 is already shaping up nicely with the first batch of kickass band confirmations  – and a new theme for the entire festival that’s not limited to the look. Are you ready to dive into the Mayan and Aztec cultures?

As always, music comes first. So we’re proud to announce the following bands & artists for 2020:

Just in time for the Halloween witching hour we let the bat out of the bag: No one less than the American metal institution Slipknot will perform for the first time at W:O:A 2020!

One of the definite highlights of next year’s W:O:A will be none other than… the mighty Judas Priest! True legends celebrating „50 Heavy Metal Years“ at the Wacken Holy Ground – that’s a match made in headbanging heaven! Judas Priest have shaped Metal as we know it, so we’re beyond honoured to welcome them to the festival for a fourth time.

Vikings and Metal go together quite well, as we all know. And there is no band out there that brings the fire, the screaming and the general kickassness of both worlds together better than Amon Amarth. These Swedes keep going from strength to strength and have been part of the Wacken journey since 1999! Next year, they will bring out the „Beserker“ in all of us for an impressive ninth time at W:O:A.

Mercyful Fate rank among the true classics in Metal history, setting the bar pretty high in terms of riffing madness and delightfully evil vibes. And is there anyone that sounds even close to King Diamond’s truly and utterly unique voice? We don’t think so. The band will grace next year’s festivities with one of their rare appearances.

The world of Melodic Death Metal would sound very, very different without At The Gates. These guys from Gothenburg, Sweden laid the groundwork for a whole genre, especially with their seminal album „Slaughter Of The Soul“ from 1995 – which they will bring to Wacken in its entirety!

More high-class brutality comes from the death metal legends Hypocrisy, also from Sweden, who  appeared on our stage in 1998 for the first time. At that time they recorded the live album “Hypocrisy Destroys Wacken” with us. And in 2020 it’s called:  Hypocrisy Destroys Wacken Again!

“Ladies and gentlemen from the very depths of hell, please welcome”: Venom! The godfathers of Black Metal with vocalist Cronos werden will raid Wacken once again and we can guarantee you it will be hellish!

If you have been paying any attention at all in the world of extreme music and Thrash Metal, you do know Sodom. They have been a part of the first wave of Thrash from early on, blasting out a stone cold classic with „Agent Orange“ in 1989. And guess what? After the recent return of guitarist Frank Blackfire, they will perform a special „Agent Orange“ show in Wacken.

While we’re on the subject of Thrash Metal: This kind of friendly violent fun would be decidedly less fun without the Bay Area. One of the prime bands to emerge from the second wave of Thrash from California are Death Angel. They took a hiatus for a while, but since 2001 these guys just don’t stop. You’ll see in 2020 on one of the Wacken stages!

Straight to the point, with all energy meters well into the red: That’s what we know from Sick Of It All. That’s why invited them to W:O:A for next year, their second stint on the fest. Make them feel welcome and get into the pit!

You want Heavy Metal, you want to bang your head, and you want to sing along? We’ve got the band for you: Beast In Black from Finnland are on the bill for 2020 already. First timers, too!

„With a face like this I won’t break any hearts“ – that’s taken straight from „Screamager“ one of the first big hits from Therapy?. Luckily it’s all about the music at W:O:A, still. And when it comes to that, these irishmen are amongst the finest of their craft. Therapy? will be celebrating 30 years of service in the name of rock and we are happy to welcome them back for another time after their 2016 performance.

Fancy some of the finest thrash metal the US of A have to offer, delivered right in your face? Look no further than Sacred Reich and classic tracks such as „Surf Nicaragua“ or „The American Way“. Frontman Phil Rind and the boys of course deliver the goods again on their newest outing „Awakening“ as they are one of the established names of the global scene. This will be tasty!

As you already know W:O:A decided on prehispanic culture as a theme for the 2020 edition. The Rise of Mictlán fit right into that choice and are also a real treat for black metal connoisseurs. Singer Lugubrem (formerly of Mordskog) assembled an all-star line up which fuses musical brute force with traditional instruments. The german premiere of this band is not one to be missed!

Death metal from Germany in the charts? What has been unthinkable just a few years ago was accomplished by Dawn Of Disease not just once but twice in a row. And without letting down even the slightest bit in terms of heaviness and brutality. They already put everything to shame during their Wacken debut in 2017, this time it won’t be different. And that’s a promise.

While we’re talking bout promises: Diary Of Dreams were scheduled to celebrate their first time at W:O:A last year but the weather gods had different plans for them, you and us. „So next year it is, then!“, everybody agreed and 2020 will be the time where one of germanys most successful dark rockers will finally be performing on the Wacken fields.

Can you handle even more of the good thrashy stuff? Nervosa from Brazil are confirmed!

And there is Cemican, who you might have seen in the new trailer and during the band announcement at the festival itself. This band from Mexico brings together historic instruments and Metal – and fits perfectly to the new theme of the festival.

Yes, the Wacken Open Air 2020 will have a theme that permeates the whole festival: Maya & Aztech Cultures! This of course brings a very cool look to it all, but it’s way more than that… food, history, shows sights and sounds. All on the Holy Ground of Wacken as part of the celebration of heavy music. You’re in for a surprise.

With today’s 1st Advent our Advent calendar for the year 2019 and the W:O:A 2020 starts!

We’ve prepared 13 bands to join the lineup today and therewith provide reinforcements in various genres.

The new names:
Attic, Avatarium, Bokassa, Devin Townsend, Fields Of The Nephilim, Grave Digger – 40th Anniversary Show, Michael Monroe, Nytt Land, Suicidal Angels, The Other, Unleash The Archers, Visions Of Atlantis, Wormrot, Butcher Babies, Implore, L.A. Guns, Lucifer, Mister Misery, New Model Army, Nothgard, Rectal Smegma, Russkaja, Saltatio Mortis, Stratovarius, Surgical Strike, Svartidauði, ASP, Brothers of Metal, Bülent & die Metal-Angels, Cinderella’s Tom Keifer, Die beschissenen Sechs, Fateful Finality, Freedom Call, Grailknights, Haggard, Mork, Pestilence, Rotting Christ, Verheerer, Wednesday 13, Fever 333, Gluecifer, Helrunar, Infected Rain, J.B.O., Kissin Dynamite, Neaera, Onslaught, Oomph!, Rome, Valhalore, Vomitory, Vulture, The Wildhearts, Belzebubs, Burgerkill, Dope, Dropkick Murphys, Einherjer, Grimner, Imperium Dekadenz, Indian Nightmare, Static X, The Spirit, Thundermother, Tri State Corner, Turilli / Lione Rhapsody, Wind Rose, As I Lay Dying, Avantasia, Borknagar, Danko Jones, Hate, In Extremo – Exclusive German Festival Show, Lacuna Coil, Loudness, Marduk – Special 30th Anniversary Show, Me And That Man, Nasty, Perturbator, Tarja

Evergrey and Tribulation were supposed to perform at W:O:A 2019 already, but their shows were cancelled at short notice – luckily we can have them again this year!

Also new to the lineup are Kadavar, Van Canto and Mad Max, who have all already played at least once at our festival. The US-Americans of Wolves in the Throne Room however will perform in Wacken for the first time.

Regarding the ticket sale: All the information about the ticket sale will follow tomorrow. It will start on the 5th of August at 00:00:00 on Metaltix.com!

See you in Wacken 2020 – rain or shine!

The event is finished.


30 Jul 2020 - 01 Aug 2020


12:00 - 23:00


Wacken Festival


Wacken Festival
Wacken Open Air, Norderstraße, Wacken, Germany
Wacken Open Air


Wacken Open Air

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