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Home Events Copenhell – 15-18 June 2022 – Copenhagen, DK

Copenhell – 15-18 June 2022 – Copenhagen, DK

The hall of fame rock band METALLICA will visit COPENHELL with their only Nordic concert in 2022.

METALLICA’s impressive achievements through time speak volumes. The band was formed in 1981 by drummer Lars Ulrich and guitarist/singer James Hetfield and in the 40 years since, they’ve pretty much done it all. Ever since their great eighties hits to their newest releases, they have enjoyed huge popularity and been a cornerstone in the development of hard and heavy music. It is with great respect, humility and not least excitement that we can finally welcome them at COPENHELL.

Festival director Jeppe Nissen says:

It’s an absolutely gigantic honour for us to present such a big band for the COPENHELL audience. People have yearned for the festival experience for years now and they have kept their tickets, trusting us to make a great comeback. And now we do it with the greatest band in the history of rock and metal and with one of the strongest Danish festival posters ever!”

COPENHELL has gone through an amazing development since the beginning in 2010. Today, we have one of Europe’s strongest line-ups – and we continue to stand by our core values and focus on great experiences, lots of variety and depth as well as the unique COPENHELL atmosphere, thanks to our incredible audience. The historic 2022 festival poster is a manifest indication of the great need for a festival dedicated to hard rock and heavy metal in Denmark, and we are immensely proud of looking forward to our best festival ever next year.”

METALLICA will perform on Wednesday, June 15, 2022. This means that the festival’s ’warm-up day’ will become a full festival day and that next year’s COPENHELL turns into a 4-day festival.


COPENHELL reconfirms bands booked for 2020/21 and welcomes new bands with today’s great band package.


Ever since the early nineties, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy has stuck with rock music, protected it and preserved its soul, and they have been one of the most defining Danish bands within the genre to this day. Even after a long break-up and a subsequent hiatus, the band is still razor-sharp on the stage, and their newest album ’Alter Echo’ is heavier than ever. It is a great pleasure for us to finally welcome one of Denmark’s most popular rock bands to COPENHELL, where the audience will get the chance to sing along to the super-riffer ‘Waterline’, ‘Silverflame’ and all of the band’s other classic songs and bang their heads to their newer tracks!

Since their powerful 2002 debut ’Remission’, MASTODON has been on a fascinating sonic journey. They deliver everything from hard-as-nails, dirty sludge metal on their earlier releases to more progressive heavy metal on their newer ones, which has brought them to all the greatest international stages. Several big music media outlets have called the Georgia group one of the most important metal acts of the 21st century, and we look forward to a great reunion!

Phil Anselmo visited COPENHELL for the first time in 2013 with the DOWN, and they will return at COPENHELL 2020. The band has not performed live since 2016 but regrouped in recent years in connection with the 25-year anniversary of their debut release ‘NOLA’ from 1995. DOWN was formed in 1991 when a super group of musicians from Pantera, Corrosion of Conformity, Goatwhore and Crowbar, among others, started jamming and writing music together. They play heavy metal that draws upon a lot of different genres, from sludge metal and stoner rock to punk and blues rock, and all of it is characterized by roaring riffs and Anselmo’s unmistakable, angry vocals. We look forward to seeing them again!

BAEST returns to COPENHELL – and this time with a doomsday concert on the festival’s biggest statge! This is a band that doesn’t pat you on the cheek and tells you that everything will be okay: Here, the audience will be beaten and bludgeoned by pure, raw and adulterated oldschool death metal from a Danish band that really broke the sound barrier in recent years. You can look forward to a very special experience with a Danish metal that keeps outdoing themselves!

The Canadian musician DEVIN TOWNSEND was originally the figurehead of the metal band Strapping Young Lad but today, he is best known for his long and glorious solo career with particularly The Devin Townsend Project, which he put on hiatus in 2018. His most recent album ’Empath’ was an attempt to collect all of this wide-spanning musician’s sources of inspiration and styles on one single release that shows his enormous dynamic and musical span in both instruments and vocals. It’s pure candy for music geeks who love hard and experimental music when this idiosyncratic artist visits COPENHELL 2022 with a very special By Request set!

The newyorker rock band THE PRETTY RECKLESS with the formidable singer Taylor Momsen in front has proven through four releases that they are running fast towards the highest league of modern rock bands. Through the years, they have managed to establish their own unique sound with a great combination of epic songs of the type that will make audiences fistpump and stamp rhythmically in great stadiums and a rock-solid foundation of grungy Southern blues sound.

MYRKUR interprets Nordic folk music with both enchantingly beautiful siren song and wild primal screams in her heathen, blackened musical universe. Light, darkness, heat and cold change back and forth all the time in her broad repertoire of instruments and expressions – and not least her vocal range. You can look forward to a magical concert that will sweep you away.

The Danish band VOLA are masters of the balance between hard and industrial prog metal and accessible, melodic songwriting. This is music with a lot of contrasts and lots of interesting surprises for discerning listeners with its constant shifts between pure and nice and dirty and ugly.

We also welcome crossover veterans AGNOSTIC FRONT. The pace is insanely high, and the sheer amount of profanity per minute is in the red during their concerts. Ever since the early eighties, this band has been screaming for a better world, and they still do today with undiminished strength. The godfathers of hardcore’ have always been in a league of their own, and we look forward to experiencing these New York legends at COPENHELL!

WITCHCRAFT’s well-written combination of retro rock and doom metal evokes inch-deep nostalgia from the very first note. Hailing from Sweden, the band’s excellent songwriting and respect for the golden 70s drive all of their strong releases through the last 15 years. Their music flows effortlessly between heavy headbanger riffs and solemn anthems with Magnus Pelander’s characteristic vocals as the uniting focal point. Get ready for an intensely atmospheric experience!

The British metal titans from BENEDICTION have delivered perfect mid-tempo death metal for 30 years: A hard, bombastic sound wall only punctured by groovy guitar riffs that settle deeply within both your body and soul. The band’s old front man Dave Ingram (who lives in Copenhagen, by the way) returned to the microphone earlier this year after 20 years of pursuing other music projects. Expectations for their live performance at COPENHELL 2022 are sky-high!

HIGH COMMAND plays music like others wage war: With a completely unstoppable and merciless offensive. The band’s music is inspired by the wild barbarian hordes from Robert E. Howards “Conan” universe, and they invite their audience to ride with full speed into the darkness and fight the enemy together with them. This is oldschool crossover thrash with the brutality meter dialed all the way up into blood-red!

BLOOD INCANTATION is one of the most convincing American death metal bands today. Their sound is absolutely pulverizing and filled with a constant ominous sense of doom and existential angst. There is a primal satisfaction about the band’s brutal sonic universe, which mostly feels like stepping through a dark portal into a terrifying nightmare world.

THE RAVEN AGE lead singer George Harris is the son of Steve Harris, who also visits COPENHELL 2022 with IRON MAIDEN – and that is quite an obligation! Fortunately, their 2019 album ’Conspiracy’ was a great follow-up to their debut, and the band has found their musical footing in crisp, melodic metalcore. They capture both the epic and grandiose atmosphere and the desperate and pent-up feelings perfectly with their modern, infectious metal.

The Norwegian black metal band VREID rose from the ashes of the dissolved band Windir in 2004. Songs in both Norwegian and English whirl around in a chaotic and destructive soundscape that draws upon several sources outside of the genre, and the audience can look forward to some heavy black’n’roll!

Complex, heavy, hectic and melodic post-metalcore that will shake your organs around in your entire body? We hear no complaints! Canadian SPIRITBOX deliver elements of everything from djent to fusion jazz with extreme power, energy and wild howls from Courtney LaPlante behind the microphone.

Swedish Filippa Nässil’s band THUNDERMOTHER has kicked ass with hard rock and one hell of an attitude through more than ten years. Their catcy music draws upon a lot of sources of inspiration from the history of rock, and they deliver everything from grand songs to quiet ballads. Sharp and melodic oldschool rock!!

The Swedish super group SOEN consists, among others, of former OPETH drummer Martin Lopez and bass player Steve Di Giorgio from Death, Testament and Sadus. Unsurprisingly, the technical level of the band’s progressive metal is sky-high and complex, but also melodic and catchy. An interesting (new) acquaintance for everyone who loves very dynamic metal.

The mystical duo from ANGSTSKRIG plays thunderous black’n’roll with inspiration from the greatest Nordic black metal bands and politically charged Danish lyrics that appear as modern protest songs delivered with hissing and angry vocals. It’s a razor-sharp frontal assault and music of high quality – but also music that you can both dance and sing along to! A great candidate for one of the biggest parties on the festival’s smallest stage.

See concert dates for all bands on this site or in the official COPENHELL app.


Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate, Emperor and many other bands have been re-confirmed for next year’s festival.

Last month, the metal legends from Iron Maiden reported that their Legacy of the Beast tour will hit Copenhell next year, and it is now a great pleasure for us to re-confirm lots of additional great rock and metal bands for 2022.

The kings of ”heavy fucking metal”, Judas Priest, are back in the top of the festival poster together with the wild and angry veterans from Korn and the metal gods from Mercyful Fate, who will finally get their chance to deliver a historical concert with their occult metal next year.

They are followed by a fistful of heavy bands: The Norwegian black metal band Emperor will smother the festival in pure, impermeable evil, while Death To All and Gatecreeper attack the audience with bone-crushing death metal and Destruction and Artillery annihilate the remains with a bombardment of furious thrash metal – the latter just released their newest album today, by the way!

The south Californian punks from Bad Religion and Swedish Hellacopters and Hällas will deliver some of next year’s biggest rock experiences, while the power metal band Gloryhammer will be guaranteed to start an epic beer party.

Ukrainian Jinjer and Swedish Opeth will cut through it all with their progressive, technical and heavy metal, and core fans can look forward to wild concerts with Of Mice & Men, Knocked Loose, Dog Eat Dog and Lok.

Everyone who chooses to keep their ticket for Copenhell 2020/2021 can use it for Copenhell 2022 and won’t have to take further action, other than look forward to a true earthquake of a party next year! The remaining tickets for next year’s festival will go on sale later this year.

See more on this site, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more news and information about the festival.


Iron Maiden confirmed for Copenhell 2022!

It’s a huge pleasure for us to reveal that Iron Maiden is returning to Copenhell for next year. The band will resume their large-scale legacy of the Beast world tour, which was paused in 2020.
The tour is a fascinating round trip in the legendary British enormous musical catalog, ranging from the latest strong releases and back to the pearl rack of metal classics from the s, who created the band’s huge popularity and put a big and lasting impression on the history of heavy metal music.
Iron Maiden has ever since been a true power plant that brings together all metal fans across both age groups and genre preference, because the musical quality and entertainment value are very special during their energetic concerts.
Their performance during the Legacy of the Beast world tour is an exciting journey through the band’s different visual universes – complete with spectacular scenes and props and a stage show that will make the audience bow in deep respect for the mighty metaltitans.
More information about Copenhell 2022 will be here soon. Stay tuned, stay heavy – and up the irons!

The event is finished.


15 - 18 Jun 2022


17:00 - 23:55


Copenhell, Refshalevej, Copenhagen Municipality, Denmark




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