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Diablery / Nihilism / Occultum / Belgarath – 18 октомври 2019 – Live & Loud

“Diablery” is a Message – a herald of the Aeon in its luciferian expression. For us, “Lucifer”, is also acknowledged as Man’s Inner Flame or Will. We believe that ‘Will’ is the first pillar of Attaining Wisdom, Knowledge, Freedom and ultimately the Godhead.

Diablery were created by Nimerius in 2008 in Chalkis, GR, but now are based in Athens, Greece. We have released 2 EPs (“The Catharsis” 2010, “The Eye” 2011), 1 album (“Architect” 2014 / mixed and mastered by Børge Finstad / Toproom Studio) and 1 split mini album (“Entropy” 2017 / mixed and mastered by Void of Cosmos studio) with Shadowcraft through “Black Market Metal” from Canada. Both “Architect” and “Entropy” have received very good feedback and reviews.

Throughout the years we have performed beside many bands, the most respectful of them being Inquisition, Arcturus, Negura Bunget, Schammasch, Altar of Plagues, Year of no Light, Negator, Grimegod. Also a mini-tour took part in several cities of Greece, a memorial gig at “Astarte Fest” in the honor and memory of Astarte’s frontwoman, Tristessa and our participation at Freie Geister fest in Bremen, DE.

At the moment we are recording our second full-length album entitled “Candles” that will be released by Saturnal Records.




Nihilism is a band praising the philosophical theory that life has no intrinsic meaning or value. With respect to the universe, existential nihilism enshrouds the futility of existance. A cosmos carved from nothing is fragile and null, and so us all. No purpose, nor possibility of changing in the totality of life.
Obscurite Noir, a pensive work feverishly balancing on the cutting edge of modern black metal has been unleashed.
Follow Nihilism through a maelstrom of furious black metal riffage and maleficent arrangements, on a journey beyond nothing, beyond zero, beyond the logical conclusion to existence. Join us under starless night. The journey begins.




The idea of Occultum is spawned in the deep void between the stars and born in the cold and heartless winter of 2011 within a deeply disturbed collective of minds summoning the absolute, a group of individuals wearing dark clothes and entertaining darker thoughts. Shapeless as a phantasm, the shadow of what is to come, lurks, seeking manifestation into the material world until it finds the suitable hosts. The initial congregation that channels the dark energy is formed in the month of March of 2012 and shortly after that the band plays its first concerts.
Out of primeval chaos and alien sentience and under direction from beyond, arise the first rituals that comprise the early material of the band. Dark baptism of the stillborn hymns occurs during live ceremony in Sofia in September of 2012, as support for the Serbian band Bane. More live depravity follows suit swiftly – in support of well established acts on the local underground scene such as The Revenge Project, Dimholt, Mass Grave, Serpentine Creation, Act of Grotesque, Invidia, etc. After a few line-up changes and a few session bass players handling bass duties, the bass player seat remains empty. The ritual occultists vow to move forwards. The next act of aural suicide that is laid before the bearers of discord in the Grand design is the creation of a record. As the band prepares to enter studio to tape its first demo, a schism amongst the ranks of the monastic cenobites leaves the occult musical order in disarray – exit Shurale and Sirlon, due to musical and philosophical differences. With remaining adepts Diabolus and Kveldulf, the band goes on hiatus. Lying dormant, dead but dreaming the dark force that holds Diabolus and Kveldulf firmly in its grasp grows stronger. They decide to continue their black art and record a demo in offering to the lords of night. Awoken from its slumber by the unearthly whispers of its instruments on the physical plain, the dark occult sentience arises once more, sweeping like a tidal wave across the minds of the human puppets it employs. Kveldulf takes on the songwriting and interpretation of the inner void into music, while Diabolus crafts the lyrical content of the incantations. With the revival of the band, its sound undergoes subtle changes – leaning towards a more aggressive execution, somewhat reminiscent of the death metal stylistic – and the textures shift to bleaker and darker tones. The band records its first full length record with the enlisted help of Dimitar Vasilev and Nikolay Berberov – Bebo. Mixing and mastering is fully handled at Sub Zero studio, by Bebo. The first musical offering by Occultum sees the dark of night on 08.06.2015 under the name “The Book Ov Nameless Rituals” and contains 5 tracks inspired by the emptiness of vacant lots, and a cover in homage to Mayhem. With the recent additions of Jaffar on bass and Ivo Ivanov on drums, the summoning circle is now complete and the cult is alive – now more than ever. The second album of the band is called “The Nine Gates” and is issued in October 2017y. It consists of 10 songs and the album is more brutal that its precessor. The album is recorded, mixed and mastered by Deha (Imber Luminis, Lebenssucht, Clouds) and the drum parts were recorded and played by Ivo Ivanov (Enthrallment, Corpse).
Untill now the band have shared stages with other names like Satarial, IXXI and Harakiri for the sky.




The idea Belgarath is born in the spring of 2003 year with the recording of a few demo tracks at home environment, but quite quickly after that the project is frozen. Until 2007, when Belgarath decides to renew it by inviting The Clansman (drums). Two years later, with the joining of Negthorn (bass and vocals), the band is complete.

The first live performance is in March 2010 year in metal bar Trash Zone. There are live gigs with different bands from the extreme scene to follow, in Sofia mainly, until the winter of 2012 year, when the band becomes part of the winter extreme “Decadence Festival”, taking place in Varna. Through the next year Belgarath start recording their first album.

In January 2014 year “Wanderer” is a fact and on 27 January is its official concert-promotion in the Sofia club “8 Ball”, in which the band introduces their new vocal Purgatorius.

Soon after this concert Negthorn leaves the band, the live performances of the band are on hold until the end of 2014 year, when the bass in Belgarath is taken by Vomir.

After a few gigs in Sofia, in the spring of 2015, together with the Greek black metal band Human Serpent, Belgarath have their first tour by the motto “Nihilism upon Mankind Nalkan tour 2015”.

After the tour, Belgarath recorded The Sword especially for ‘Murder Sound Extreme Compilation 2’.

In the Spring of 2016 they are in a search for bass player once again, but Vomir was sent with farewell gig, named DEAD END. After a short preparation, Witcher becomes the new bass player of Belgarath. Their first gig together is the opening of the Sofia festival November’s Doom Days.

2017 is a dynamic year for Belgarath. It begins with gigs of the band in Bosna and Croatia, but during the Summer and Autumn there is a short break, while Purgatorius is abroad. The year finishes with the participation of Belgarath in the festival Autumn Souls of Sofia.

Despite that they don’t stop concert activity, 2018 is a year for rest, Belgarath’s members are busy with different family issues, but slowly and methodically they are preparing a material for their next album.



Вратите отварят: 20:30
Belgarath / 21:00 – 21:30
Occultum / 21:40 – 22:10
Nihilism / 22:20 – 22:50
Diablery – 23:00 – 23:40

вход: 15 лв

The event is finished.


18 Oct 2019


20:30 - 23:00



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