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Rock Imperium Festival – 23-25 June 2022 – Cartagena, Spain

The gods welcome you to Rock Imperium Festival 2022!

Grateful for the tremendous reception that the festival has received and with a look on the future we are pleased to announce the addition of no more than 24 bands closing the poster for an ambitious first edition of Rock Imperium Festival in Cartagena
These 24 bands add to the 19 previously announced, and it is impossible not to emphasize the presence of Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia whose formal and stylistic contributions open new exploration tracks and transcend the genre itself, or Europe, whose compositions are beyond genres and styles, being these living music stories. Both formations will offer full shows under the attentive star s’ gaze on Game of a festival that aspires to set a precedent in the city and promises to be unforgettable.
From the exhausting curatorial work lying under the sign we have tried to tear down all borders and gather the most pomegranate of each style from progressive to thrash going through hard rock or death metal, offering a good taste of what it is passing in the landscape of rock and metal nationally and internationally without neglecting the great bands that have made history and marked the path of rock forever.
Also note that the doors to this first edition of Rock Imperium Festival will open on June 23, 2022 in a magical night of celebration for the summer solstice, the Litha Night in the Norse cultures with which we try to build bridges from this ancestral port.
As many other cultures will do in the port of the three-time millennial city of Cartagena, we landed in it to vindicate it and put it definitively in value with the wingspan and features of an event like Rock Imperium Festival.
Finally this temple will host at its first ceremony the whopping 43 bands from all the ends of the planet from Finland to Japan to celebrate the return of something we missed greatly and has the unusual ability to unite all people under the sun: live music.
The best of all is that, despite our fineness, the music remains, and will remain. Bands like Scorpions, Whitesnake or Europe have been able to materialize the secret of what it means to be human in unfailing transgenerational hymns. Hymns whose echo we are sure will resonate equally as flaming 3000 years from now on the walls of this, our city, your city, Cartagena.
In the dawn of humanity, when the world was still carved by nature and our steps were guided by the stars, numerous cultures included in the northern hemisphere of the globe established the cult and celebration of Litha, summer’s solstice. Especially in the northern region of old Europe, the nordic cultures devoted themselves with joy and frenzy to the arrival of summer in the shortest night of the year, a magic night in which everything is alive and speaks through the fire in the bonfire.
Rock Imperium Festival is proud to build bridges to the Mediterranean so this eminently Nordic tradition, which finds in Saint John’s Eve a mirror in which it can reflect itself, and it does it in the company of two amazing acts that unite in their music all the spirit of what is likely to be an once-in-a-lifetime night at Paseo del Puerto Stage, next to El Batel Auditorium.
This night out will open the doors to its mysteries with Moonsorrow. After more than 25 years of activity, the Finnish band is definitely one of the biggest names in the pagan/folk metal scene, with their very strong black metal base that boils in every single track off their last album, “Jumalten aika”, The Age of the Gods.
For her part, the voice of the Danish singer and multiinstrumentalist Amalie Bruun and her project Myrkur will be in charge of fueling the fire of the souls during this Litha. Even though Myrkur started as a project focused on the most ethereal black metal, the direction she underwent on her most recent album, the delicate and magical “Folkesange” (Popular Songs) abandons all the wrath and noise in favour of an unforgettable journey through the sonic tradition of the Nordic cultures via a folk based on traditional Scandinavian instruments.
Both bands will offer COMPLETE SHOWS, so get ready to give in to the most atavistic pleasures with Moonsorrow and elevate yourselves with Myrkur during this mesmerizing solstice night, the Litha Night.
“Litha Night” will be the welcome party to Rock Imperium Festival, but due to the limited capacity of the venue and not being part of the festival itself, tickets will have to purchased for 20€ (+ booking fee) to everyone who wants to attend the festival, no matter if they have tickets for the next days or the don’t.
Tickets already for sale at www.madnesslive.es or www.rockimperiumfestival.es
En los albores de la humanidad, cuando el mundo era todavía labrado por la naturaleza y nuestros pasos eran guiados por las estrellas, numerosas culturas pertenecientes al hemisferio norte del globo sentaron el culto y celebración de Litha, el solsticio de verano. Especialmente al norte de la vieja Europa, las culturas nórdicas se entregaron con júbilo y frenesí a celebrar la llegada del verano en la noche más breve de todo el año, una noche mágica en la que todo está vivo y habla a través del fuego de la hoguera.
Rock Imperium Festival se complace en tender puentes al mediterráneo para esta tradición eminentemente nórdica que encuentra en la noche de San Juan un espejo en el que mirarse, y lo hace con la presencia de dos brillantes formaciones que aúnan en su música todo el espíritu de lo que podría ser una noche irrepetible en el Escenario Paseo del Puerto (junto Auditorio el Batel).
La velada abrirá las puertas a sus misterios con Moonsorrow. Con más de 25 años de trayectoria, la formación finesa se erige sin lugar a dudas como una de las bandas más representativas del Pagan/folk metal, siempre con una recurrente base de black metal que hierve en cada uno de los temas del último trabajo que lanzaron, “Jumalten Aika”, El Tiempo de los Dioses.
Por su parte, la voz de la cantante y multiinstrumentista danesa Amalie Bruun y su proyecto Myrkur se encargará de avivar el fuego de las almas en esta Litha. Si bien Myrkur comenzó como un proyecto que hundía sus raíces en una suerte de black metal etéreo, la dirección de su último, delicadisimo y mágico trabajo titulado “Folkesange” (Canciones Populares) abandona toda ira o estridencia para sumergirnos en un inolvidable recorrido por la tradición sonora de los países nórdicos mediante un folk construido a base de instrumentos tradicionales escandinavos.
Ambas formaciones ofrecerán SHOW COMPLETO así que prepárense para entregarse a los placeres más atávicos con Moonsorrow, y levitar con Myrkur en esta hipnótica noche de solsticio, la Litha Night.
“Litha Night” será la fiesta de presentación de Rock Imperium Festival pero debido al aforo reducido del recinto y no formar parte del festival en sí, la entrada tendrá un precio de 20€ (más gastos) para todo aquel que quiera acudir, tanto si tienes abono como si no.


Welcome to Rock Imperium Festival!
Rock Imperium Festival is born, a new festival dedicated to Rock and Heavy Metal in the Spanish Levante. It will take place on June 24 and 25, 2022 in Cartagena (Spain) and expects to bring together around 40,000 people in its two days.
Without a doubt, Cartagena is the perfect city to host what promises to be one of the most projected festivals nationwide, as it is a city with endless possibilities where you can enjoy its cultural and monumental legacy, the wonderful beaches of its region, its gastronomy, its people, etc.
Next to the wall of Carlos III is the spectacular Cuesta del Batel Park, a unique location for the location of the two main stages of the festival, where artists of the stature of Scorpions and Whitesnake will pass with exclusive concerts throughout Spain in 2022 An impressive venue that will have all the comforts and services to offer an optimal experience to the public, which can be enjoyed comfortably with the whole family.
In addition, the third stage will be located on the promenade of the port, next to the El Batel Auditorium, and it will be here where, in addition to many international bands, we will be able to discover and enjoy exceptional artists, both from Cartagena and from the entire Murcia region.
A vacation paradise where you can stay comfortably with the whole family, enjoy all the facilities of a wonderful tourist enclave and at the same time be able to disconnect from the routine and escape with the best live music.
Only YOU are missing! Are you going to miss it?


¡Bienvenidos a Rock Imperium Festival!
Nace Rock Imperium Festival, nuevo festival dedicado al Rock y al Heavy Metal en el Levante español. Tendrá lugar los días 24 y 25 de junio de 2022 en Cartagena (España) y espera congregar en torno a 40.000 personas en sus dos jornadas.
Sin lugar a dudas, Cartagena es la ciudad perfecta para acoger al que promete ser uno de los festivales de mayor proyección a nivel nacional, por ser una ciudad con un sinfín de posibilidades donde poder disfrutar de su legado cultural y monumental, las maravillosas playas de su comarca, su gastronomía, su gente, etc.
Junto a la muralla de Carlos III se encuentra el espectacular Parque de la Cuesta del Batel, emplazamiento inigualable para la ubicación de los dos escenarios principales del festival, por donde pasarán artistas de la talla de Scorpions y Whitesnake con conciertos exclusivos en toda España en 2022. Un recinto impresionante que contará con todas las comodidades y servicios para ofrecer una experiencia óptima al público, que podrá disfrutarlo cómodamente con toda la familia.
Además, el tercer escenario se ubicará en el paseo del puerto, junto al Auditorio El Batel, y será aquí donde además de muchas bandas internacionales, podremos descubrir y disfrutar de excepcionales artistas, tanto cartageneros como de toda la región de Murcia.
Un paraíso vacacional donde poder alojarse cómodamente con toda la familia, disfrutar de todas las facilidades propias de un enclave turístico maravilloso y a la vez poder desconectar de la rutina y evadirse con la mejor música en directo.
¡Solo faltas TÚ! ¿Te lo vas a perder?


Tras la espectacular acogida que está teniendo el festival con su presentación, tenemos el placer de anunciar siete nuevas incorporaciones.
Por primera vez en España y en rigurosa exclusiva, el legendario miembro fundador de Judas Priest, KK Downing con KK’s Priest. Primicia mundial con el primer concierto anunciado y posiblemente el primero de su carrera con esta formación, KK hará temblar la tierra y el público de Rock Imperium Festival será testigo. ¡No puedes faltar!
Pero si esto fuera poco, tendremos también a los gaditanos Saurom con su festivo Rock/Folk metalizado con los que la fiesta está garantizada.
Desde Maryland, el trio más brutal del Death Metal, Dying Fetus, aplastarán el tercer escenario con su contundente propuesta.
Otra primicia, el exvocalista de Kvelertak, Hjelvik actuará por primera vez y en exclusiva en España donde podremos disfrutar de su Viking/Heavy Metal con su característica voz rasgada.
Los(as) amantes del Rock psicodélico/progresivo también estamos de enhorabuena, ya que los islandeses The Vintage Caravan nos traerán su sensacional propuesta.
Liderados por Jarvis Leatherby, los también californianos NightDemon enarbolarán la bandera del auténtico Heavy Metal.
Y para cerrar este anuncio una de las revelaciones en el panorama nacional, Celtian, nos harán saltar y bailar con su propuesta de Rock y Metal combinado con folk tradicional irlandés.
Un apetitoso menú para seguir completando la que promete ser una histórica primera edición de Rock Imperium Festival.
¡Nos vemos allí!
After the spectacular welcoming that the festival has received, we are pleased to announce seven new additions to the line-up.
For the first time in Spain and exclusively, the iconic founding member of Judas Priest, KK Downing as KK’s Priest. A world premiere with the first ever concert announced and possibly the first of his career with this band, KK will rock the earth and the Rock Imperium Festival audience will witness it. You can’t miss it!
As if that wasn’t enough, we will also have Saurom coming from Cádiz along with their festive metallic Rock/Folk show… so let’s the party begin!
From Maryland, the most brutal Death Metal trio, Dying Fetus, will be hitting the third stage with their powerful performance.
Former Kvelertak vocalist Hjelvik will perform for the first time and exclusively in Spain where we will experience his Viking/Heavy Metal with his characteristic gravelly voice.
Psychedelic/progressive rock lovers will also have a good time; as the Icelandic band The  Caravan will bring us their stunning sound.
Led by Jarvis Leatherby, the Californians NightDemon will raise the flag of authentic Heavy Metal. And finally, to close this announcement, one of the Spanish revelations, Celtian, will make us jump and dance with their Rock and Metal combined with traditional Irish folk.
An enticing menu to complete what looks set to be a historic first edition of Rock Imperium Festival.
See you there!

The event is finished.


23 - 25 Jun 2022


15:00 - 23:55

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