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Home Events Rockstadt Extreme Fest – 3-7 august 2022 – Rasnov (RO)

Rockstadt Extreme Fest – 3-7 august 2022 – Rasnov (RO)

Welcome To The Line-Up:
Bullet For My Valentine [United Kingdom]
Cattle Decapitation [United States Of America]
Rings Of Saturn [United States Of America]
Orbit Culture [Sweden]
Knife [Germany]
Evoken [United States Of America]
Spoil Engine [Belgium]
Nero Di Marte [Italy]
Aviana [Sweden]
Serrabulho [Portugal]
Don Gatto [Hungary]
Fallcie [Russian Federation]
Nemesis [Serbia]
Sinnery [Israel]
Vorkuttah [Moldavia]
Bullet For My Valentine,
Cattle Decapitation,
Rings Of Saturn,
Orbit Culture,
Spoil Engine,
Nero Di Marte,
Don Gatto,
Above Us The Waves,
Nobody’s Straight
Above Us The Waves [Greece]
Arhat [Ukraine]
Nobody’s Straight [France] 

Welcome to the Line-Up
Cradle Of Filth [United Kingdom]
Blind Guardian [Germany]
Death Angel [United Stated of America]
Hacktivist [United Kingdom]
Unfortunately, the first day of the festival could not go on the way we planned it and Bucovina, Dordeduh and Altar will not be in the line-up anymore.

Rockstadt Extreme Fest first confirmations:

3 August
Cargo, Bucovina, Dordeduh, Altar, Gothic, Syn Ze Sase Tri, Sur Austru, Blacksheep

4 August
Carcass, The Black Dahlia Murder

5 August
Lamb of God, Kataklysm, Overkill, Necrophobic, Uada, In Mourning

6 August
Phil H Anselmo and the Illegals, Unleashed, Rotting Christ, Darvaza, Dyscarnate

7 August
Sacred Reich, Kampfar

Dear friends,

When you are driven by passion and the desire to build something for a community like Rockstadt, your messages of encouragement and your response to our calls to support us are essential so that we can move forward. But, as is often the case, passion is not enough – hence our urge to buy tickets.

Our ambition is much bigger than having some bands on stage and we think we managed to prove it, the festival growing from year to year as an overall experience.

Our ambition is for Rockstadt Extreme Fest to take its place on the map of famous European festivals at least and to be proud that we have something like this in our country. We alone could not and will not be able to accomplish.

So far, the 7 editions of the festival have happened thanks to you. A 10-year anniversary edition in 2022 would have been a celebration for all of us, but the times have stopped us and forced us to work even harder for next year to have a festival over any edition so far.
Thank you for your patience all this time, waiting for answers that were sometimes delayed because we didn’t have them either.

Tickets already purchased will lose their validity but will turn into vouchers that you can use to purchase new tickets or receive back their value if you cannot attend.

Thank you for your support and messages received that you will keep your tickets for the 2022 edition.

Thank you because we can count on your understanding that tickets purchased in 2019 can only partially support the production of the 2022 festival at the level we plan it.

It will be very helpful for us to keep the tickets you have and just buy the difference. Thank you very much if you choose to do this and support the festival. As we promised, for those who keep their tickets, at the gates we will offer a card that will be credited with 30 lei, money that you will be able to spend inside the festival.

IMPORTANT: The festival will take place for 5 days and, at first, we will sell a number of 5,000 passes to maximize our chances for the festival to take place based on the history of the restrictions so far. If the situation allows us, we will supplement the number of passes and we will sell daily tickets.

The price of the passes is given by the smaller capacity we can put up for sale, by the grandiose production, and by the current realities.

The passes will go on sale on 11.10.2021 at 10:00 (09:00 CET) with the following tiers:
1000 passes at 500 lei until 01.11.2021
1000 passes at 550 lei until 15.12.2021
1000 passes at 600 lei until 01.02.2022
1000 passes at 650 lei until 01.05.2022
1000 passes at 700 lei until 01.08.2022
From 01.08 until the end of the festival, the price will be 750 lei

Children under the age of 10 have free admission but must be accompanied by at least one parent (or legal tutor) with a valid ticket. Children between 10 and 16 years old have access to the festival only accompanied by at least one parent (or legal tutor) based on valid tickets for all persons.

Here is the procedure that applies to tickets already purchased:
1. If you have PAPER tickets purchased directly from the festival (value of 150, 190, or 230 lei)
a. Enter the link will be announced
b. Identify the value of the ticket you have (150, 190 or 230 lei)
c. Buy a new difference ticket until the final price at that time (eg if you have a paper ticket of 150 lei and the final price is 500 lei, buy a ticket of 350 lei)
d. You will receive by e-mail a QR CODE for the difference value (350 lei in the example above) which will not be valid for entering the festival at this stage
e. Keep both the paper ticket and the QR code received and come with both to Rockstadt Club in Brașov or at the gates of the festival
f. Based on the paper ticket plus the QR code received, we will issue you the final ticket, valid for the entrance inside the festival
g. For those who want, you can also buy an online DONATION ticket for 20 lei or a multiple of 20 lei, thanking you in advance for your support

2. If you have ELECTRONIC tickets purchased online:
a. Enter online link that will be announced
b. Your ticket will already be automatically converted into a voucher of the same value and received by e-mail
c. Identify the value of the ticket you had
d. Enter the voucher code received in the email
e. Buy a new difference ticket until the final price at that time (eg if you have an electronic ticket of 400 lei and the final price is 500 lei, enter the voucher code received and buy another ticket of 100 lei)
f. You will receive by email the final ticket valid for entry to the festival
g. For those who want, you can also buy an online DONATION ticket of 20 lei or a multiple of 20 lei, thanking you in advance for your support

If, however, there are people who, for objective reasons, can not or do not want to go to the festival and do not offer the tickets to other people interested, they can send us an e-mail at info@rockstadtextremefest.ro and request a refund.

For any questions regarding the festival tickets and the procedure described, you can contact us at info@rockstadtextremefest.ro
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again free and happy in 2022 in Rasnov.

Rockstadt Extreme Fest team

The event is finished.


03 - 07 Aug 2022


17:00 - 23:55
Rockstadt Extreme Fest


Rockstadt Extreme Fest
Rockstadt Extreme Fest, Râșnov, Romania
Rockstadt Extreme Fest


Rockstadt Extreme Fest


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