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Soen – 18 may 2022 – Quantic, Bucharest (RO)

The Swedish band Soen will hold two concerts in Romania. On May 17, 2022, the band will play in the Form Club in Cluj-Napoca, and on May 18, the group will perform on the Quantic Pub stage in Bucharest.

If at first it was seen as “the new project of the former Opeth drummer” , Martin Lopez, it was enough for Soen to release the first songs to make it clear that we are dealing with a new and surprising artistic entity . The influences did not come, as many people expected, given the presence in one of the first formulas of veteran bassist Steve DiGiorgio, in the area of ​​extreme metal, but from perhaps the most atypical progressive group, Tool. In fact, the Swedes never denied their closeness to the band in Los Angeles, but from one album to another, they built an original and unmistakable identity.

From “Cognitive” (2012) to “Lotus” (2019), Soen refined his style of composition , and the first-rate musicians in the group avoided the trap of free virtuosity, putting their talent at the service of performing songs alike. complex and memorable. At their center is the unique voice of Joel Ekelöf, who easily juggles registers ranging from metal to pop songs and even … traditional Swedish carols.

If “Lotus” was the album that best outlined the band’s identity, “Imperial”, released this year, is the one that can ensure its commercial leap , because it manages the performance of not compromising and becoming, at the same time , accessible to a wider range of listeners.

Live, Soen proved to live up to the recordings, and the 2022 concerts in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, which are part of the Imperial European Tour 2022,  will give those who know the Swedes the opportunity to see how much they have grown by at their first presences in Romania, and for those who see them for the first time to enjoy the mastery of some artists who redefine progressive metal, at the same time exceeding its borders.

Tickets for the Soen concerts in 2022:

Tickets for the concerts at Form Club – Cluj Napoca and Quantic Pub – Bucharest, are available at the following prices:

  • 69 lei – Early Bird (50 pieces)
  • 79 lei – Presale (before the day of the concert
  • 85 lei – Normal Access (price on the day of the concert)

For more details, go to the InfoMusic Calendar.

The event is finished.



18 May 2022


20:00 - 23:00

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Quantic Pub, Șoseaua Grozăvești, Bucharest, Romania


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