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Street Mode Festival – 23-25 September 2022 – Thessaloniki (GR)

“Back from the dead! Get ready for chapter 12…”

“Back from the dead! Get ready for chapter 12…”

With this phrase and this year’s signature artwork, Street Mode Festival returns for its 12th year, and as always promises countless concerts along with events dedicated to street culture. Street Mode: ON!

The Experience: Street Mode is an annual music, art, and sports festival held in Thessaloniki since 2009. It is one of the largest festivals in Greece, reaching thousands of visitors, with a program that includes lots of musical stages and street culture events. Get into “street” mode and enjoy 3 days of live music, street art, street dance, action sports and much more!

The Cause: Street Mode Festival initially began as a series of events taking place in open – public spaces, such as the square of Thermi and the port of Thessaloniki, with a vision of presenting all the elements of “street” culture in one celebration. In the informal but widespread term “street culture” we define the subculture that is developing mainly in urban areas, and is expressed through art forms such as graffiti and breakdance, through sports such as skateboarding and parkour and through music genres such as hip-hop, rock and ethnic.

Day 3 schedule:

Day 2 schedule:

Day 1 schedule:

Mε αυτήν την φράση και το χαρακτηριστικό φετινό artwork, το Street Mode Festival επιστρέφει για 12η χρονιά, και όπως πάντα υπόσχεται αμέτρητες συναυλίες μαζί με εκδηλώσεις αφιερωμένες στην κουλτούρα του δρόμου. Street Mode: ON!

The Experience: To Street Mode είναι ένα ετήσιο φεστιβάλ μουσικής, τέχνης και σπορ που πραγματοποιείται στη Θεσσαλονίκη από το 2009. Είναι ένα από τα μεγαλύτερα φεστιβάλ στην Ελλάδα, το οποίο προσελκύει χιλιάδες επισκέπτες σε ένα πρόγραμμα που περιλαμβάνει πολλά μουσικά stages και street culture events. Μπες σε κατάσταση “street” και απόλαυσε 3 ημέρες ζωντανή μουσική, street art, street dance, action sports και πολλά ακόμη!

The Cause: Το Street Mode Festival ξεκίνησε ως μια σειρά εκδηλώσεων σε ανοιχτούς – δημόσιους χώρους, όπως η πλατεία της Θέρμης και το Λιμάνι της Θεσσαλονίκης, με όραμα να παρουσιάσει όλα τα στοιχεία της “street” κουλτούρας σε μία ενιαία γιορτή. Με τον άτυπο αλλά ευρέως διαδεδομένο όρο “street culture” ορίζουμε την υποκουλτούρα που αναπτύσσεται κυρίως σε αστικές περιοχές, η οποία εκφράζεται μέσα από μορφές τέχνης όπως το graffiti και το breakdance, μέσα από σπορ όπως το skateboarding και το parkour, και μέσα από είδη μουσικής όπως το hip-hop, το rock και το ethnic.



Already announced: 1000mods • Anser • Arrow • Bad Movies • Bloody Hawk • Buzz • Dani Gambino X DJ The Boy • Dee Jay Waif • Delinquent Habits • DJ Krush • Expe • Fun Lovin’ Criminals • Fundracar • Immune • Locomondo • Μ.Α.t.E. • Naxatras • Panx Romana • Perkele • Planet Of Zeus • Professional Sinnerz • Rack • Social Waste • TDK • The Reverend Beasts • Tortuga • Trouf • Villagers Of Ioannina City • Vlospa • Vodka Juniors • Βέβηλος • Βήτα Πεις • Γιάννης Αγγελάκας & 100° • Ζήνων • Παύλος Παυλίδης & Hotel Alaska • Πεθαίνουν Στο Τέλος

More more acts coming soon!



• Meeting of Styles (Street Art & Graffiti)
• Battle of the Best (Street Dance & Breaking)
• 5th pan-Hellenic Parkour & Freerunning Contest
• Body Painting Shows & Workshops
• Music Contests ΤΒΑ
• Special DJ Sets ΤΒΑ



Daily Ticket (Early Bird): 18€
3-Days Pass (Presale): 50€
3-Days Bar-Combo Pass: 75€

ONLINE: https://www.streetmode.gr/festival-tickets

STORES: Public & Wind

HARD COPY TICKETS: Available soon


ℹ️ ALL INFO: https://www.streetmode.gr


The groovy band on the planet, for the first time at Street Mode Festival! Fun Lovin’ Criminals mixes hip-hop, rock ‘n’ roll, blues-jazz with latin elements and movie themes, with the sole purpose of setting up the ultimate party. If only they carried the multi-platinum “Come Find Yourself” in their luggage, it would have been enough. The “brothers from New York” bring us with them many more gifts for a live we will talk about for years.

Latin hip-hop giants from Los Angeles return to Street Mode Festival! Have y’all danced to the Delinquent Habits beat and sung the lyrics to it. Since introduced to the public with their worldwide hit “Tres Delinquentes”, they remain firmly on top in a genre they’ve created, along with Cypress Hill. What to expect? To dance and drink tequila together, once again!

Perkele were formed three decades ago in Gothenburg, Sweden and since then have emerged as one of the biggest names on the European punk rock scene. They started with a Swedish verse, but soon both English and street punk / Oi! culture they won them, resulting in forming the final form of a band that “sets fire” to any stage that comes in front of it! With a “Heart Full Of Pride” they are expected to do the same at this year’s Street Mode Festival!

Locomondo is undoubtedly one of the most popular and successful bands in Greece. Their name means “crazy world” and their live show is a great feast! When they go on stage, they transform the world into a huge crowd united by dancing and joy, singing and smiles! Be there no matter what!

ΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ ΑΓΓΕΛΑΚΑΣ, one of the most important musical figures, takes his band, the 100°C, and come to Street Mode Festival for an appearance at… the temperature of boiling ! Carrying the brand new album “Echo Kefia” in their luggage, and with songs from Giannis’ huge march, from the Holes to today, they are expected to take us once again on a unique, uplifting, musical journey!

TDK aka TurDomKean from Bulgaria are one of the most rising names of the neighboring country’s heavy sound. In their unique soundscapes one finds the tranquility of the ethereal post-rock vibes of Mogwai but also the black darkness of Amenra. And all this in their native language! As they state themselves, their music has a very specific purpose, cleansing, and we will be lucky enough to live this experience at the upcoming Street Mode Festival!

Expe , aka Expensive, comes from Thessaloniki, where she began her involvement in rap music from the past decade, participating in various forms of the city. Her talent showed early on, when at THHF 2012 she was declared Newcomer of the Year. After a brief hiatus from rap, but not from music, he has returned dynamically in recent years, shaking the waters of the man-held, Greek hip-hop scene with responsive albums and singles! Undoubtedly Expensive, as its real name, is at its best, and we are ready to enjoy it at the 12th Street Mode Festival!

Trouf started from Xanthi and debuted in the rap scene at a very young age, just 13 (! ). Now at 24 he has Thessaloniki as his base and in addition to his lyrics he writes many times and music, while sometimes he writes lyrics for other artists (ghostwriting). Trouf creates through a special prism, through which elements from other genres of music such as pop and blues pass, which makes him unique. For the 2nd time at Street Mode Festival, he comes to “rock the city”!

ΖΗΝΩΝ, aka Lera, appeared on the Greek hip-hop scene in 1999 with the legendary band North Asteria and quickly stood out for his flows and positive energy he creates through his songs. His lyrics like “I’m writing the night now with the company, warm Thessaloniki and everything is nice! » they became the city’s street anthems and were sung by all friends of rap music and not only. This year is his year, as the long-awaited come-back EP of “Travels” is only the reason for “Zi”‘s return to the concert stages and Street Mode Festival!

Epirus heavy rockers load bagpipes, flutes and electric guitars and promise not to leave anything standing in their pass from the Street Mode Festival, or as many would say, they come to “take it seriously”! Villagers of Ioannina City entered from their first steps into the vanguard of the sloppy, Greek scene. Their lyrics and melodies have broken the musical boundaries and become a motto and memory for thousands of fans who fanatically follow them in their every musical venture.

1000mods, children of the legendary underground heavy rock scene of the 00s, are now considered by many as the most successful Greek rock band in recent years and not unjustly. With a growing fan base around the world, due to their relentless tour schedule, armed with dedication and uninterrupted commitment, the quartet from Hilliomodi ranks among the most vocal forces on the European rock scene.

Planet of Zeus at Street Mode Festival 2022! “Always loyal to the pack,” Planet of Zeus have been writing miles in the heavy rock scene since 2000. Having played almost everywhere, from small concert venues to large stages, and from small villages in Greece to the biggest cities and festivals in the world, they are considered among the best Greek bands you can see live, e ver, either you know them, or you don’t. Their unique soundtrack takes you through music from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Mastodon, Allman Brothers Band to Queens of the Stone Age and AC/DC to Clutch. The prostagma is well-known: “Sex and violence on the planet Jupiter! “.

Naxatras is a psychedelic rock band from Thessaloniki. Dynamic, rhythmic patterns, dreamy melodies, heavy riffs and traveling guitar solos, all infused with a magnificent 70’s atmosphere and aesthetic, form the core core of Naxatras musical creations. A band dedicated to a certain artistic “perception”, but does not hesitate to experiment with psych, progressive, blues, funk, stoner and oriental elements in order to stimulate the senses of its listeners. Achieving the Naxatras at their best so far, as in a few days they start their pan-European tour, we will have the pleasure of enjoying them, once again, at Street Mode Festival.

A pioneer of Japanese hip-hop and a huge influence for many turntablists and beatmakers, the Japanese Hideaki Ishi, or DJ KRUSH comes to this year’s Street Mode Festival. With smashing appearances around the globe and an enormous discography, the award-winning DJ & producer is expected to evoke a sense of rhythm and his unique, Far East-inspired, atmosphere!

Stormy mosh-pits, passionate sing-alongs, and a feeling of being in the right place, at the right time… or else Vodka Juniors live! Their every festival appearance goes down in history, and after the “warm up” at the Garden Theater, the Vodkas come to “destroy” the Street Mode Festival stage once again!

If we only took into account last year’s streams, we’d have to say that Rack is the most popular artist of this year’s line-up! Talented and authentic, with music that lifts you up and lyrics that concern you, Rack writes in his own way the new history of rap in Greece. For the first time at Street Mode Festival, representing the Barcode Crew.

BHTA PEIS at Street Mode Festival 2022! One, two, three, team is one… and it goes up in Thessaloniki! After the historic, anniversary, 100th live show and “20 years of Beta Say” in Athens, with over 10,000 spectators, the legendary rap band returns to Street Mode Festival to unite its voice with all the “fans” in the North. Thessaloniki are you ready?

Representing the new generation, D Δ N I G Δ Μ Β 1 N O became known to the general public in 2021 with the album “Cigarettes in the Balkans”, an extremely hard and at the same time emotional drill rap blend, for which the music and overall production is responsible for the top s the kind of Dj the Boy . Directly from New Heraklion of Athens “shining like Zidane, from zero world cup”, for the first time at Street Mode Festival!

Fundracar are not “just another band”. They are the only band whose material cannot be classified not one, not two, not even many music genres. Yet, instead of leading to a loss of musical identity, it is the element that composes Fundracar’s uniqueness. After their packed gig at Technopolis, and a non-stop tour around Greece, they land at Street Mode Festival and promise us a psychoreggaepunkstep evening better than the one in 2018! What do you think, will they make it?

A promising appearance for fans of the heavy rock scene (and beyond), as Godsleep come up with “notes” from appearances at international festivals such as Freak Valley, Aquamaria, Yellowstock, Red Smoke, Electric Valley, Exit, Revolution and Ro ckwave, among others, but also with the rumor that in their live shows at post-corona era they are even better! This year the time has finally come to welcome them to the Street Mode Festival stage!

Bloody Hawk at Street Mode Festival 2022! The 26-year-old rapper from Xanthi returns to Street Mode Festival and promises us another – as always – explosive, live performance! When introverted and emotional, and when extroverted and realistic, but always lyrical and raw, Bloody Hawk is undoubtedly one of the most successful hip-hop artists. In 2013 he started uploading tracks on YouTube called “I’m Worn Out,” and in 2017 he released his first personal album “Complex” under his now-named name, Bloody Hawk. And the rest is history…

Superhiks are coming to Street Mode Festival to make us dance to ska-punk, reggae and balkan rhythms! The band from our neighboring Skopje was formed in 1993 and gained international screening after appearing on MTV in France, Israel and the former Yugoslavia. Trivia: The name of the band comes from the Super Hit character (in Italian Superciuk) of the famous Italian comic “Alan Ford”.

M.A.t.E is a musical formation with compositions that are a meeting of analogue and digital sound, where vocals, synthesizers, samples and images “dance” to the beats of an acoustic drum set with electronic sensation, based on du b, drum ‘n’ bass, trip hop and dubstep sounds. In their live performances, music is combined with animation to create vivid, interactive stories. The M. A.t.E are returning to Street Mode Festival for a live show that will rock the electromagnetic fields!

63 HIGH was formed in 1997 in Fraudtown, apparently influenced by the Jamaican reggae scene and the British ska movement, as well as American hardcore punk culture. In the two decades that intervened they have appeared live on countless occasions, from homes, schools, camping, extreme sports sites, parks and clubs to festivals (mostly independent, anti-racist & anti-fascist). After a few years of silence due to the pandemic, our beloved sixty-three are returning to Street Mode Festival, for their first live show in the post-covid era!

Polish, psychedelic doom metallers have managed in recent years to catch the eyes of the underground scene, and not unjustly! Influenced by H’s hideous stories. P Lovecraft and with fuzzy guitars, have been particularly loved by the Polish public, as confirmed by the millions of streams on online platforms and by the many appearances on stages and festivals. Tortuga are a must see band for any heavy sound lover and are expected to elevate the rock portion of the festival, and beyond!

My Endless Winter is one of the most upcoming bands in Thessaloniki, which refuses to go into musical molds as it blends modern rock sound perfectly, with trippy melodies and rap vocals! With apparent influences from bands such as Linkin Park, Twenty One Pilots and Bring Me The Horizon, My Endless Winter’s music with its heavy riffs, atmospheric synths and distinctive vocals has been particularly loved by the audience. We look forward to their first appearance at Street Mode Festival with endless anticipation!

Saske started recording music in 2014 in his hometown, Chrysoupoli, Kavala. With his unique aesthetics and sharp flows as his main features, he has come to the forefront of the Greek rap scene since 2018, with his first double platinum hit of “Xero Mana”. The rest is history as the young performer has since grown into a multi-platinum artist, with a powerful set of street hits and club bangers, which will be heard loud on his first appearance at Street Mode Festival!

Recommendations for this historic band are unnecessary. Faithful servants of dark, psychedelic punk-rock for almost three decades, Personality Crisis began their musical journey in distant 1994 from neighboring Katerini. The years that followed found the band both in the studio, composing and recording, as well as on stages, alongside huge genre names such as L.A. Guns, Misfits, MC5, etc. a. At this point, Personality Crisis are back in the studio, recording their 3rd consecutive LP, from which we will get a solid taste of their upcoming Street Mode Festival appearance!

Buzz, born in Peristeri, aka Steri Peri, became known as the other half of the figure Zoro&Buzz, with whom he wrote together since 2015. The twin’s top release comes in 2019 with the album “The Power They Didn’t Count”. Coronavirus did not give up his vigor, persistence and need for expression, resulting in the release of his first solo album “Kavala Avenue” in 2021. Continuing so far with many clips and feats, the unstoppable Buzz is at his best, and returns to Street Mode festival!

BAiLDSA from Thessaloniki have formed their own unique soundcolor by blending gypsy punk and indie rock sounds with dub, reggae and balkan elements. Their overly explosive, musical mix combined with their intense and deep sociopolitical, perspective, has made Baildsa a band that makes you not able to stop dancing but also reflect at the same time. Their return to Street Mode Festival is expected to be exciting!

Βέβηλος doesn’t need any recommendations in our opinion. Known as early as the 90s, through the historic rap figure “Babylon”, Babylon has been particularly loved by the general public in recent years, re-introducing himself with the albums “The Book of Street Heroes” and “The Book of Four Elements” i.e. “. Cheeky enough, outspoken and honest as few, Babil is to many an example of self-improvement and artistic integrity. A really great artist.

The most popular, Greek-speaking punk rock band of recent years is back, carrying this time in its luggage the excellent, new album “In the Pit With Snakes” and of course all its great hits. There has been no Bad Movies concert in which we didn’t have fun and of course, this time, it will be no exception. And if you think otherwise… You don’t know what you’re talking about!!!

WANG is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable representatives of the new generation of Greek hip-hop. Despite only two years of music, the Thessaloniki rapper has gained a strong fan core since his first singles, while with his debut album titled “Interail” he has laid a strong foundation for a brilliant career a. Wang takes the Street Mode Festival stage for the first time this year, promising an unforgettable appearance!

SKG’s Dub Alliance at Street Mode Festival 2022! With a common denominator their love for bass culture, Big Shine and Digital Monk, have been “rocking” stages and block parties across Greece for seven years, as SKG’s Dub Alliance. Loud bass, live percussions, scratches and double timings on the microphones are just some of the components of their unique performance. With fresh material and plenty of appetite, SKG guides return to Street Mode Festival, ready to blow us away!

One of the most promising, new bands in Greek punk / rock ‘n’ roll, with one of the best names ever, Πεθαίνουν Στο Τέλος could not be absent from this year’s line-up. With members of Bad Movies and Hasma, and having managed to get around the country with live performances in a short time, they are now ready to appear to a wider audience and win new fans!

From the very first moment at the forefront of Greek Hip-Hop as a member of Flowjob in the 00s, Anser has gained “honors” over the years the utmost respect from the audience and also from other MCs. Giannis, aka Anser, aka the man Who raps faster than the his shadow returns to Street Mode Festival and promises us another shocking appearance!

Junkheart from Athens is a Greek-speaking punk-rock band with acoustic elements. Their musical influences are drawn from the charm and radicalization of punk-rock in all its releases, from Clash’s revolution rock to the American scene of the 90s and today. Lyrics move between personal experience and fiction, hope and nostalgia. One of the most beloved bands of the Greek punk-rock scene “rises” for the first time at Street Mode Festival!

One of the most promising, new bands in Greek punk / rock ‘n’ roll, with one of the best names ever, Πεθαίνουν Στο Τέλος could not be absent from this year’s line-up. With members of Bad Movies and Hasma, and having managed to get around the country with live performances in a short time, they are now ready to appear to a wider audience and win new fans!

Κοινοί Θνητοί have stood against all kinds of intolerance, and they support that position both lyrically and musically. According to them, they do not “belong” to a particular music genre as they mix rock and rap with Greek traditional music, creating a unique musical rarity. Their verse is sharp when it’s political but also introvert when it’s emotional. For the first time at the Street Mode Festival, we are waiting for them with great interest!

The Thessaloniki-based DJ/Producer DEE JAY WAIF plays and creates music based on turtablism and hip-hop, always maintaining a certain aesthetic, which makes him easily recognizable to listeners of the genre. He has shared his stage and music with many artists, local and non. On the Street Mode Festival stage he will present a special DJ show with his own creations. The new projects we expect from him are the release of the album “Infinite” by the 2KG group (IMP – Sadomas – DJ Waif) in September, and a personal work, which is in the works.

Panx Romana, is. 1982. They raised their voices and spoke out about suppression, fascism, militarism, conscientious objection, in difficult and conservative times. They made the way for everything and everyone. Today, 40 years later, Panx Romana is more relevant than ever. With their stormy music, sharp and meaningful lyrics and attitude, they unite generations through songs of equality, freedom, and humanity.

The Reverend Beasts put into the glass blues, soul, garage rock and neck-splashing vocals, mix them with dirty, loud guitars and serve the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll cocktail, hitting right on the head! Consume responsibly (or not) at the 12th Street Mode Festival.

Oceandvst‘s journey began in 2017 in Thessaloniki with their love for bands such as My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Tonight Alive and Hasley. The band quickly gained respect from the city’s music-loving audience, both for their releases and their energetic performances. Many of you may remember them from their participation in the Street Mode Festival 2017 band contest, where they took 3rd place. This year they return as one of the live acts of the festival and promise to give us an explosive punk-rock show!

Drums, Pontian lyra, bagpipes, luto, bass and three microphones that rap nonstop plowing the stage are not very common, neither in the domestic nor in the European, music scene. Social Waste are a phenomenon band that combines sociopolitical verse with traditional instruments, creating their own hip hop… Hip hop of the Mediterranean! Directly from Crete, they anchor at Street Mode Festival for another explosive appearance!

Back from the dead! Nine years after their last live appearance, Professional Sinnerz are returning to the stage! Such a comeback couldn’t happen anywhere else except in the city where they started the Street Mode Festival. With the company of the one and only Comi X, and hits such as “When I Had You At First Born”, “Nirvana”, “Someone Called The Cops”, “Beer Drinking Army”, the Pro Sinnersz come to re-break it as only they know!

Corfu ARROW Beatbox began his journey into the magical world of beatbox eight years ago, making initially small appearances on underground scenes. He later took part in competitions, some of which abroad, while in some of them he distinguished himself. Many of you may remember him from his participation in the beatbox battle of Street Mode 2017. This year he returns for a unique beatbox show in order to shake up speakers and audience!

Chipper is a new and upcoming heavy rock band from Thessaloniki. They were formed in 2017 and made very early appearances in several stages in the country. In 2020 they released their first album project titled “Self Patrón” which won the impressions and received biased reviews. Being in a fairly fertile period, the Chipper comes for the first time to Street Mode Festival for the “fire baptism”!

The phenomenon Immune, with its energy and straight lyrics, won from the very first moment the appreciation of the Greek rap audience. From his first solo releases in 2020 as well as his first album of “Prometheus” breaking every record and quickly going platinum, the up-and-coming rapper was quickly loved by audiences, young and old-schoolers, and new-schoolers waves. The unstoppable Immune takes the Street Mode Festival stage for the first time to… it’s a panic attack!

PAVLOS PAVLIDIS with his new band, Hotel Alaska, returns to Street Mode Festival, to present an updated, dynamic lineup with selections from across his discography. From the unforgettable era of the Wooden Swords to his latest album “The Black Box” released in early December 2021. New approach and new orchestrations give a fresh image to his songs. This creates a special musical effect, spanning from mystagogy to explosion, giving us the opportunity to discover his work in the first place!

Half Greek and half French, Vlospa lived for almost a decade in Nice, France where he was deeply connected with French hip-hop culture. There he began “writing” and made his first recordings, and upon his arrival in Greece he began to work on mixing the two languages in his songs. His unique ability made him quickly known in Greece, while he soon stood out on the domestic rap scene. With award-winning Mektoub and countless single releases in his luggage, he returns to Street Mode Festival “fresh” than ever!

The Greek version of the most popular graffiti event worldwide, Meeting of Styles, is coming for the first time as part of Street Mode Festival!

Artists from all over the world, warm up parties, throw up battles, “painting” in surprise locations and many more actions, compose the great celebration of graffiti!

Apply now by creating your artist profile in the following link 👉www.meetingofstyles.com/apply

Applications are open until 10th of August.



The event is finished.


23 - 25 Sep 2022


18:00 - 23:55

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Sonik Arena, Thessaloniki


Sonik Arena, Thessaloniki
Sonik Arena, 14ο χμλ, Thessalonikis - Peraias, Thessaloniki 570 01, Greece
Street Mode Festival


Street Mode Festival

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