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Thirteen Gigs & Events


We are an independent promoter from Sofia, Bulgaria. Our main area of interests (but not restricted to) is Punk, Gypsy punk, Ska, Ska-Core, Hardcore etc. Our mission is to deliver the right music to the right people and to enjoy it together.

Gigs organised by us so far include:
The Casualties (New York, USA), Molotov Cocktail (New York, USA), Voodoo Healers (Thesaloniki, Greece), Basska (Bucharest, Romania), Neozbiljni Pesimisti (Sombor, Serbia), Clerck’s Conspiracy (Thesaloniki, Greece), Kontras (Nis, Serbia), Toy Letters (Sofia, Bulgaria). On the road with Toy Letters (Sofia, Bulgaria), Kontras (Nis, Serbia) and Pizza (Varna, Bulgaria).

Guaranteed fair conditions for the bands, good gigs for the fans and fun for all.

If you want a gig in Bulgaria, feel free to contact us.

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