Billy Corgan потвърди, че реформираните Smashing Pumpkins ще издадат две EP-та с по 4 нови песни през следващите месеци, първият сингъл вероятно ще чуем през май.

Имената на готовите песни са: “Solara“, “Marchin’ On“, “Travels“, “Seek and You Shall Destroy“, “With Sympathy“, “Knights of Malta“, “Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts)“, и “Alienation“.

Бандата, както знаете, обяви завръщането си с една малка промяна: Jeff Schroeder поема баса от D’arcy Wretsky.


Все още не са записани бек вокалите на няколко от песните, но Billy Corgan е “много щастлив” от новия материал.

I like this picture because it makes me laugh. As they like to say in wrestling, the biggest marks are in the back, behind the curtain. Last day today in Malibu. I’m very happy about that, but it does not make me laugh. James, Jimmy, and Jeff have put in a spectacular effort and we hope you will be pleased when you hear the results. So, to that, only background vocals on 4 songs are left. One of which will be tackled by a kind of mini-choir. That’s today’s last act. Details on the release of this music coming very soon. Thankfully due to digital technologies we can get these songs to you quickly. As it should be. Speaking personally, I’m very pleased with this music, and it reminds me (the process, that is) why we work well together as a team. It starts with a song, of course, but ends with an understanding. Which makes me laugh to myself. And grateful. @smashingpumpkins @jamesihaofficial @chamberdrums @jjjschroeder #shinyandohsobright #sp2018 #blahblahblah

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