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сряда, 18 юли 2018
Начало Тагове Skoda

Таг: Skoda

Skoda – 15 март 2018 – Stroeja, София

Stroeja представя: Live: SKODA Stroeja (DJ Set) Live @ Club Stroeja (10 Lege Str.) 15 March 2018, Thursday 20:00 - Doors open 22:30 - Live SKODA Surmata Harry - vocals Jose - quitar, vocals Danno...

Love CHange Music Festival, ден 2: Djaikovski, Kottarashky, Skoda, Plastic Bo

Love CHange Music Festival, ден 2 (Фотограф: Антония Янкова) Djaikovski: Kottarashky: Skoda: Plastic Bo:

Шкода – 18 February 2017 – Stroeja

Stroeja представя: Шкода - Live Stroeja Sofia DJ Set Live @ Club Stroeja 18 February 2017, Saturday 20:00 - Doors open 22:30 - Live: Skoda === Билети: Eventim.bg - 10 лв. http://www.eventim.bg/bg/bileti/stroeza-predstav-skoda-sofi-klub-452421/event.html Каси: щанд...

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