The promise of Eternal Life has been the crucial subject in which numerous religions and spiritual beliefs have based their foundations on. For the idea of non-existence is as troubling and inconceivable to humans as infinite itself, on the other hand the thought of interminably experiencing more from a reality we are so accustomed to, brings comfort to more than one soul. Innocence is bliss, and being forever shields us from turning our eyes to the dreadful horror of the unknown, the black pit of nothingness, the void. But it’s within its contemplation that lies the secret knowledge.  

Vitam Aeternam is an international, experimental music project formed by entities known as Jake Rosenberg (Desperate Machines, In Progress), Râhoola (A Flying Fish), André Aaslie (Funeral, Profane Burial, Abyssic, Omnia Maritur etc.) and Charles A. Leal (Domestiq Bits). It is through chance and shared musical values, that such people were able to create original sonic art, full of complex, emotional, dramatic, haunting, melodic and cinematic music. An honest work from the subconscious depths, and a prodigious offspring of our interconnected digital zeitgeist.

Who are Vitam Aeternam?

Jake Rosenberg – keyboards, piano, programming, sampling

Râhoola – vox, keyboards, piano, guitars, orch, sound design  

André Aaslie – piano, orch, bass, mellotron

Charles A. Leal – drums, programming, live audio-tech

Vitam Aeternam combines elements of electronic, industrial, classical, film score, heavy metal, progressive rock, and even pop, to create something unique, challenging and engaging. Fans of forward thinking artists such as Devil Doll, Mike Patton, Leprous, Ulver, Pain Of Salvation, Devin Townsend should rejoice in the musical world illuminated thought their music.

And for those of you who have been planning to visit the incredible prog event called Prognosis Festival in Eindhoven, The Netherlands this April, will be able to see the incredible show of Vitam Aeternam live. The stage will be also illuminated by the magical Soen, Riverside, Voivod and the new music project of Einar from Leprous.