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Tiamat – 28 October 2022 – Quantic club, Bucharest (RO)

🔴 The TIAMAT concert in Bucharest is rescheduled in October 2022!
🔸 Given the epidemiological situation and the restrictions applied in the capital following the increase in the incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection cases, we have to reschedule the Tiamat show that was expected to take place this year on 30 october Thus, the Tiamat concert will be held in the Quantic club in Bucharest on October 28, 2022.
🔸 Both we, as organizers and the band, wanted this show immensely to take place this fall. We worked hard not to cancel a sold-out concert and we managed to reschedule it twice. Unfortunately, the pandemic is turning our plans over our heads once again. Even though we all hope that the situation in Bucharest will change for the better in the coming period, forecasts show us that the incidence rate of Covid-19 cases will not decrease so that indoor concerts without limitations of people in the coming weeks
It is impossible for us to organize a concert that is already sold-out when events like this would only be allowed with the participation of only 50 % of spectators. Simply put, we sold 800 tickets, but we could only allow access to 400 spectators, which is unacceptable. The public’s interest in this special concert was an extraordinary one, so the Tiamat show in Quantic must be held with the full room. For this reason, I decided with the band to reschedule for October 28, 2022.
🔸 Thank you for not giving up your tickets when we announced the reschedule of the concert and we want you to keep them, to be sure you will have access to a sold-out event. So tickets already purchased remain valid for next fall’s concert.
If there are people who want to return tickets, they can ask for their consideration by addressing iaBilet.ro directly at contact@iabilet.ro by October 30, 2021. After this date, tickets automatically become valid for next year’s Tiamat concert. The procedure for refunding the returned tickets will begin in November 2021.
Since the show is sold out, returned tickets will be on sale at a date and at a price we will set later.
🔸 Take care so we can see each other healthy next fall at the TIAMAT concert in Quantic!
The TIAMAT concert in Bucharest is rescheduled next fall!

Following the epidemiological situation and the prohibitions established in this context, the

Tiamat show that was expected to take place in Bucharest on November 28 will move to next fall and will also take place in the Quantic club.
In March, when we first had to reschedule the Tiamat concert, we all hoped that by November, the epidemic would calm down and things would return to normal. Hope was strengthened by the fact that we managed to successfully and safely organize the Posada Rock contest in Quantic in September. Unfortunately, in the last month the situation has deteriorated not only here, but throughout Europe, with extremely bad consequences for the live event industry and for the metal scene. Currently, all festivals and concerts scheduled in the next few months are being pushed towards summer-fall of 2021 or even cancelled altogether.
We watched closely the progress of the situation and we stayed in touch with Tiamat management to make the best decision in the given context, a choice that would be in the interests of the public, primarily, but also of the band and those involved in logistics and organizing. We held this already sold-out concert with our teeth, which we didn’t want to cancel out of respect for the fans who bought all the tickets.
Thus, we decided that the Quantic Tiamat show is postponed for the fall of 2021. We have an indicative date set, but we are waiting for a confirmation to officially announce it.
Obviously, the tickets already purchased remain valid for the concert next fall.
Thank you very much that in the spring, when we first postponed the concert, you didn’t give up your tickets! This helps us a lot, but it also motivates us to move forward and look optimistic towards when we will see each other again in person at concerts. We hope you keep your tickets now too, to ensure your presence at a sold-out concert with one of the legendary European metal bands.
However, if there are people who, for objective reasons, want to return the tickets, can request their value by addressing the ticket directly. ro at contact@iabilet.ro until November 28, 2020. After this date, tickets automatically become valid for next year’s show. The refund procedure will begin next spring.

Given the very high interest in this concert and the fact that the show is sold-out, the returned tickets will be on sale at a date and at a price we will later set.
Thank you for your patience and understanding!
#StaySafe to see you in good health at the TIAMAT concert in Quantic!


The legendary Swedish band Tiamat will perform live at the Quantic club in Bucharest on Saturday, April 4th, 2020. Tiamat returns to Romania at the public’s request after an exceptional show held at Posada Rock Festival just a few months ago.
Tickets are sold through iaBilet.ro, can be found here ➽ bit.ly/TIAMAT-QTC ➽ and have the following prices:
EARLY BIRD – 100 tickets at 100 RON / piece;
PRESALE – 300 tickets at 130 RON / piece;
NORMAL – 400 tickets at 150 RON / piece.

Established at the end of the 1980s and achieving international success in 1994 with the ”Wildhoney” album, Tiamat has an important place in the history of European rock. With a sound that has evolved from death metal to atmospheric gothic, the band has recorded 10 studio albums and, although the most recent is dating from 2012, Tiamat still has the power to attract audiences at the most important metal festivals, where they perform memorable shows. Such a moment was the concert at the Posada Rock Festival on August 31st 2019, when frontman Johan Edlund stepped down from the stage and walked into the crowd and sang the song “Do You Dream of Me” with fans, leaving the audience in awe.
The Tiamat setlist on April 4th in Quantic will focus on the ”Wildhoney” and ”Clouds” albums, but will also contain the band’s hits over the course of their 30-year career.

The event is finished.



28 Oct 2022


19:00 - 19:00



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Quantic Pub, Șoseaua Grozăvești, Bucharest, Romania


Posada Rock
+40 730 642 310


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