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Home Events (CANCELLED) Way Too Far Rock Festival – 27-29 August 2021 – Bistrița (RO)

(CANCELLED) Way Too Far Rock Festival – 27-29 August 2021 – Bistrița (RO)

Hey guys! It’s been 10 days since we received the regulations regarding the events of this summer and they look like this:
limit of 5,000 people for concerts in open spaces
– ensuring a minimum area of ​​2 sqm for each person
– compliance with health protection measures
– the event should not last longer than 1 day.
Besides the fact that the rules came late, they don’t suit us at all and it seems that we are still far from the moment when we will relive the atmosphere of the old concerts.
We hoped the autorities will change their mind regarding these conditions that are difficult to apply in the case of a festival and which turned out to be, unfortunately, discriminatory. We are sad that we have to postpone the WTF Rock Festival once again, for 2022. Lack of predictability, exaggerate restrictions in our area, the uncertain situation regarding the evolution of the pandemic and the context of international travelling make it impossible for us to continue organising an event of such magnitude.
The bands announced so far are contractually reconfirmed for 2022. We want to announce that all people who have bought festival tickets up to this day can use them next year. There will also be the return option under the legal conditions established by the Government.
❕The good news is that we will take advantage of the few opportunities for relaxation offered by the authorities. Save the date of August 28, 2021, for a concert that will include bands from the WTF 2021 line-up. We will return as soon as possible with details about the bands, tickets, location and conditions of the event. Also, we specify that all people who have bought festival tickets will have access to the concert on the 28th and the 2022 festival, as previously mentioned.
We remind you that, in accordance with decision no. 29 of 14.05.2021, of August 1, 2021, if at the national level the vaccination target for the current month is reached, it was proposed that cultural, artistic and entertainment activities can be organised and carried out in open spaces with the participation of up to 5,000 people, with the involvement of the public without limit of persons, with the provision of a minimum area of ​​2 mp for each person and compliance with health protection measures and provided that the event does not last longer than one day.


Way Too Far Rock Festival 2021
Location: Bistrita, Wonderland Skiing Resort

Confirmed bands: Within Temptation, Gotthard, Evergrey, The Slot, Alternosphere, Dirty Shirt, Infected Rain, Chaos Magic, Implant for Refusal, Dash The Effort, Hthethemeth and E-an-na.

Way Too Far Rock Festival , in short, WTF started with a series of events – manifesto, initiated by the team of a local publication (Bistrița-Năsăud Observatory) as an alternative to an excessively consumerist society. WTF is the concept that discourages mediocrity, lack of artistic and cultural values, promoting the human typology that is marked by freedom and creativity. WTF started with a series of indoor rock concerts that brought to the stage in Bistrita, for the first time, mainstream bands: Phoenix, The Mono Jacks, Vita de Vie, etc. , but also bands from the local underground.
Following this history, in the summer of 2017, a large rock festival took place for the first time in Bistrița-Năsăud, in the parking lot of the Wonderland complex.
Zdob and Zdub, 7 Steps, Bitter Moon, Travka, Byron and Urma gathered thousands of people at the first edition of the festival, which also highlighted the generous location near the ski slope, giving the objective a positive aspect. The festival quickly created an identity, on a national level, recruiting a high audience from the area of ​​active people, who, in addition to the entertainment side, follow, appreciate and understand the musical and artistic message of the bands.
Also, the festival was intensely publicized in all leisure publications in Romania and was included on the list of recommended festivals.
In 2018, the second edition of the Way Too Far Rock Festival was a documentary edition. At a time when almost all of Romanian society began to ask questions about the system, WTF Rock Festival brought to the public a large part of the best bands in Romania that transmitted deep social messages: Grimus, Altar, The Others Words, Coma, The Mono Jacks, Robin and the Backstabbers, Taxi, Days of Confusion, Byron, The Rat Man, The Vine. The 2019 edition took shape with on stage, in a three-day musical marathon, almost all the important rock bands from Romania, but also the American band Crazy Town.
WTF Rock Festival is an event that “mixes” various generations and rock styles, from alternative rock to heavy metal, indie, symphnonic rock, funk, etc.

WITHIN TEMPTATION  is a Dutch symphonic metal / rock band, founded in April 1996 by vocalist Sharon den Adel and guitarist Robert Westerholt. The band was classified by critics as gothic metal, symphonic metal, although rock and “industrial” influences find their place on the last and 7th studio album – Resist. With the album Resist, the band breaks away from the past and experiences a distinct style, which is inspired by our current and future society – both musically and personally. RESIST is an album that contains ten hymn, dark songs, but also impeccable collaborations with famous artists, such as Jacoby Shaddix (Pope Roach) and Anders Fidén (In Flames). The album is a real milestone with a very important message: “Wake up and go protect your freedom!”

GOTTHARD is the most successful Swiss band, but it is also a reference band in the spotlight. They started, a quarter of a century ago, from the Swiss canton of Ticino to conquer the world simply through rock and monumental ballads.
The hard-rockers from Lugano sang in more than 2000 concerts on three continents, being toured by Deep Purple, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi and AC / DC, toured as headliners all over Europe and sold until currently over three million albums. For 25 years, GOTTHARD has a common place in the charts and best represents Swiss rock!

EVERGREY is a progressive metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band was formed in 1995 and released their debut album, The Dark Discovery, in 1998. Evergrey’s lyrics have always approached a darker, less comfortable area, dealing with topics such as introspection, paranoia, extraterrestrial beings, child abuse, cults and religion, death and mourning, to general fear and sorrow. Over time, he remained a landmark band in the area of ​​progressive rock, both in terms of music and themes.
Evergrey is one of the top bands in Sweden, reaching the stages of major festivals in Europe such as Download, Masters of Rock, Sziget or Wacken, but also in the United States where they were the headliners of the Prog Power VII festival in Atlanta. Over time, Evergrey has collaborated with musicians from In Flames, Sabaton, HammerFall, Nightswish (Floor Jansen) or Stratovarius and has toured with Nevermore, In Flames or Avatar.

ALTERNOSFERA , a band founded in 1998, is currently the most beloved rock band that sings in Romanian. Their concerts are a huge success in Romania. All their events are eagerly awaited and the artists manage to close the ticket offices long before the concert dates. Also, their songs are appreciated and broadcast frequently on Romanian radios.

THE SLOTis a band from Russia, founded in 2002, being one of the unconventional bands in the area, which introduced a western sound in Russia. The Slot has received numerous awards in the music industry (Hit of the Year in both 2006 (2 Wars) and 2007 (They Killed Kenny), Vocal Performance of the Year in 2005, and NewsMusic.ru’s 2007 Rock Album of the Year Award). He performed with Limp Bizkit and KORN, being appreciated as a “hybrid between” Linkin Park and Evanescence “.

INFECTED RAIN is a metal band from the Republic of Moldova, being an energetic mix of the best modern metal styles. The strong, feminine voice, in combination with the unmistakable instrumental part, gives uniqueness and authenticity to the band Infected Rain. The band was founded in 2008 and they appeared on stage for the first time in a concert dedicated to the band Slayer.

DIRTY SHIRT is one of the most active and original rock bands in Romania. The band is the unique result of a combination of rock / metal and various musical elements: Romanian folklore, funk, ethno, electro, etc.

DASH THE EFFORT is a band that was formed in 2011 and is one of the bands that have stood out in recent years in Bulgaria. It was the first band in Bulgaria to play at Wacken Open Air, with bands such as Suicide Silence, Breakdown of Sanity and others.
He also sang on the same stage with Stone Sour, Blind Guardian, Jinjer, Infected Rain and Unearth. Their album, “Decandence”, was recently released and, on this occasion, the band toured in Bulgaria, Romania and Greece.

MAGIC CHAOS is centered around the Chilean vocalist, Caterina Nix, who, for this launch of the band, worked closely with fellow Chilean producer, singer and musician Nasson. Together, they created an absolute jewel of metal album, whose splendor is completely reflected in the first single and video of the album, “Like Never Before”.

The IMPLANT FOR REFUSAL journey began in 1995. The band grew over the past 23 years of existence through a sound always fresh and lyrics carefully connected to
reality. With a music that is both sensitive and full of energy, Implant Pentru Refuz writes a complex story in the culture of contemporary music.

 The band HTETHTHEMETH from Brașov is considered one of the most enigmatic appearances on the rock & metal scene. With a unique style and without a limit of expression, the “inhuman” music practiced by the band shyly moves from metal with ambient elements and black influences to blues and bossa nova. The band has been present at most rock / metal festivals in Romania, including ARTMANIA FESTIVAL, ROCKSTADT EXTREME FEST and MAXIMUM ROCK FESTIVAL

E-AN-NA combines classic folk-metal with traditional Romanian elements and modern metal sequences. Their first singles quickly caught attention and their concerts are characterized by energy and creativity. Through its music, the band creates a metaphysical world, where those who enter are urged to follow their path without being distracted by insignificant things.

The event is finished.


27 - 29 Aug 2021


18:00 - 23:55

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Way Too Far Rock Festival
Wonderland Skiing Resort, Bistrița, Romania


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