Intro: No Class (Motörhead song, Udo Dirkschneider cover version)
1. Prophecy
2. Holy Invaders
3. Go Back to Hell
4. Never Cross My Way
5. 24/7
6. Independence Day
7. Breaker (Accept cover)
Guitar Solo
8. Rose in the Desert
9. Kids and Guns
10. Like a Beast
11. Princess of the Dawn (Accept cover)
12. Blind Eyes
13. The Bogeyman
14. Fast as a Shark (Accept cover)
15. Metal Never Dies

16. I Give as Good as I Get
17. Metal Heart (Accept cover)
18. Man and Machine
19. Animal House
20. Midnight Mover (Accept cover)
21. Balls to the Wall (Accept cover)
22. I’m a Rebel (Accept cover)
Outro: The Show Must Go On (Queen song)