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(CANCELLED) MetalDays – 25-31 july 2021 – Tolmin, SLO

Due to the consequences of the pandemic, MetalDays 2021 is canceled.
As of now Slovenian Government has not provided any sufficient information if larger events will be allowed or not in Slovenia this summer. At the moment, gatherings to 50 people only are allowed, and this left us with no better option.
Even though we are sorry, it is a relief to be able to provide a clarification to everyone who has been waiting for it. We’ll roll up our sleeves and start all over now.
MetalDays has gone through many ups and downs and have always managed to provide the right answers, thanks to the honest and flexible approach.
Covid is the greatest challenge of our recent history, but as always our goal is to fight all the obstacles, and to send a positive message of hope to all our visitors, bands, friends, fellow festivals and our crew!
And the most positive message we can send is pretty simple: MetalDays will survive and will happen again year after year!
We thank every one of you for your patience while we held our line until the last possible moment to make an informed decision.
We would also like to thank all the bands who did put themselves forward and we know that they all share our regret and frustration at the situation.
MetalDays 2021 & 2022 all your questions answered
Location 2022
MetalDays 2022 is planned to happen in Tolmin, at the same location, and at the same size and setup.
Based on the latest informations, the work on bypass road shall not influence MetalDays 2022.
2022 Dates
Considering the vaccination process at the moment, we can be positive that MetalDays 2022 will take place between 24-30 July 2022.
In the unlikely case of having to postpone the event due to a sudden change of the Covid situation across Europe, we will give you additional informations.
Lineup 2022
It will be revealed at some later point. It seems like most of you would like us to repeat the lineup of 2021, and we will keep this in mind.
Anyway, many bands from the 2021 lineup are not available for 2022, so there will be definitely some changes.
Ticketing options
Your MetalDays 2020, and 2021 tickets are not valid anymore.
But don’t worry you can exchange them for MetalDays 2022 tickets. 
New (exchanged) tickets will be valid also in very unlikely situation of changing the location or dates.

You can now choose from 3 options:
a) exchange your 2020 or 2021 ticket for 2022 ticket
b) re-sale your ticket at the TicketSwap.
This option is valid only for MetalDays 2022 tickets, so please use this option after you have received your new (exchanged) ticket.
c) Asking for refund
Exchanging of MetalDays 2020/2021 tickets with the MetalDays 2022 tickets

To be able to get everything under control, we have no other option than to work with new tickets only. 
Your old tickets (2020,2021), regardless of being Hard Copy or electronic ticket, and regardless of where you have bought them, will be exchanged with new electronic tickets.
To do this please follow instructions here https://www.metaldays.net/p95/metaldays-202020212022-tickets
You can do this option until 01.09. 2021

After this date your old tickets are loosing the value, and will not be replaced for the new ones.
*Please notice that we will need longer time to process your requests and to send you the new tickets, but don’t worry, your new electronic ticket will be 100% sent to your e-mail.

All add-on tickets for MetalDays 2020/2021 like Parking, Electricity, Comfort Zone remain valid for MetalDays 2022. 
You just need to have them with you when you come to the MetalDays 2022. No additional actions needed.
Refund (option C)
*Those that already applied for refund don’t need to do any additional action.
Due to the devastating influence of the pandemic on our business we are not in the position to refund your tickets at this moment. 
Unfortunately, there was no help from the Government, and that made our operation almost impossible. 
Though, we can offer refund after the festival 2022.
If you are 100% sure that you don’t want to use any of options A or B, please fill the application form at https://www.metaldays.net/p95/metaldays-202020212022-tickets

*Refund can be applied until 01.09. 2021 only.
Pre-sale 2022
Tickets for MetalDays 2022 will go on sale on June 7th here: https://shop.metaldays.net/kategorien/metaldays-tickets

Capacity 2022
MetalDays 2022 will host 12000 visitors as usual.
Will all the stages be working in 2022?
Yes, we will run the event with both stages.
Will the festival run with full capacity of bars and food stalls in 2022?
Yes, we will run usual number of bars and food stalls.
Safety Measures 2022

We can’t say if there will be any, and how they will look like. Though we will 100% follow the instructions given by the authorities.
Accommodation 2022
MetalDays 2022 will offer same camping options as usual. 
If you desire to stay outside of the festival camp, you shall visit this link and get your accommodation booked https://www.soca-valley.com/en/accommodations/all-accommodations/

Your support is priceless. We are forever thankful for that.
You can support MetalDays by choosing these 3 options:
a) you can donate your 2020 or 2021 ticket and order new one at our shop.
b) you can donate to our GoFundMe fundraiser https://gofund.me/960daeed

c) you can order MetalDays merch or buy ticket here https://shop.metaldays.net/metaldays


Lineup A-Z:

1914, Amon Amarth, Anthrax, As I Lay Dying, Asphyx, At The Gates, Baest, Benediction, Beyond Creation, Blood Red Throne, Bound To Prevail, Cattle Decapitation, Chains, Clutch, Convictive, Cro-Mags, Cypecore, Dark Fortress, Darkest Hour, Darkfall, Death Angel, Decaying Days, Déluge, Demonic Resurrection, Desaster, Despised Icon, Devin Townsend, Endezzma, Eternal Delyria, Evoken, Fleshcrawl, For I Am King, Grand Supreme Blood Court, Green Carnation, Havok, Hegemone, Hellripper, Igorrr, In Twilight’s Embrace, Jegulja, Jinjer, Malevolence, Malevolent Creation, Møl, Naglfar, Napalm Death, Noctem, Oceans Of Slumber, Orbit Culture, Paradise Lost, Perturbator, Philip H. Anslemo, Pilgrimage, Razor, Revocation, Ritual Day, Rome, Rotting Christ, Shores Of Null, Sick Of It All, Signs Of Algorithm, Skyeye, Testament, The Committee, The Great Old Ones, The Privateer, Toxic Holocaust, Truchło Strzygi, Voices, Vulture Industries, Warkings, Whiskey Ritual, Wolves In The Throne Room, Wormrot, Year Of The Goat

MetalDays 2021 line up announcement!
We are happy to announce Anthrax, Paradise Lost, Perturbator, Déluge and Jegulja for the upcoming MetalDays edition. With this announcement our lineup for 2021 is completed. Hope you like it!
Tickets for MetalDays 2021 are running low, as there are just 600 tickets still available.
As you know, MetalDays is limited to 12000 visitors only, and once tickets are sold out there will be no additional tickets on sale.
If you still don’t have ticket for the best metal party on the planet get yours here: https://giggome.com/gigshow/552-metaldays-festival-2021
MetalDays 2021 lineup phase #2!
We are happy to announce As I Lay Dying Testament GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT and Malevolent Creation for the upcoming MetalDays edition.
Summary of important information about MetalDays 2020 and MetalDays 2021!
In case some of our visitors have missed this important information, here is a summary of the most important ones. Please read the whole post. If you still have some questions hit us with the comment and we will do our best to answer it.
Tickets for MetalDays 2021!
Tickets for MetalDays 2021 are already on sale. As usual, the festival is limited to 12000 visitors only. Based on non-returned tickets sold for 2020, and tickets sold 2021, there are only 1200 tickets available for MetalDays 2021.
MetalDays 2020 ticket is valid for MetalDays 2021!
If you already have a ticket for MetalDays 2020, and you would like to visit MetalDays 2021, you just have to come to the festival and make sure you have your ticket for MetalDays 2020 with you.
No additional action is needed.
This is also valid for New Metal Festival tickets, Parking tickets, Electricity Hook up, and Comfort Area upgrade.
MetalDays 2020 ticket refund!
In case you would like to get your ticket refunded, we offer you a refund option, but we can initiate a refund only after MetalDays 2021.
This is also valid for New Metal Festival tickets, Parking tickets, Electricity Hook up, and Comfort Area upgrade.
By using the refund option you are helping MetalDays festival in many ways;
*We have tracking of how many tickets for MetalDays 2021 are still available for sale.
*With every ticket sold in our official shop, MetalDays’s surviving becomes more realistic.
*Due to the bad experience with cancelations in 2020, every partner and artist are going to insist on an advance payment lot earlier than usual. Every sold ticket in our official shop makes advance payments easier for us.
Thank you for your understanding, help, and loyalty.

The event is finished.


25 - 31 Jul 2021


16:00 - 23:55

More Info



MetalDays, Tolmin (SLO)


MetalDays, Tolmin (SLO)
Metaldays, Dijaška ulica, Tolmin, Slovenia




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