– Hello, guys! It’s Orleff from “Rock The Night” magazine. Thanks for spending few minutes with us. First tell us where do we find you in this moment?

– London, finishing off the album.

– What kind of music did you grow up with and who inspires you the most these days?

– My parents were fans of 50’s rock n’ roll and Indian classical sitar music. I think 47Soul are the most inspiring band around at the moment.

– How did the music that you like evolved – are the bands that you used to like as teenagers the same bands that you admire now?

– Great question! I think I just added and added tons and tons of music to my inner library.It’s getting more difficult now, my head is very full! It’s interesting how time alters the way you understand the music you loved. I used to idolise Joy Division and Factory records for example, I though that they were shining high art and must be serious intellectuals. I found out later the complete opposite was true. I thought Sly Stone must have been the most positive and happiest person that ever lived when I first heard him. Now I know the opposite was true. But that doesn’t change how I feel about the music itself.

– Is there anything in the music nowadays, that you prefer has never happened or been invented?

– Auto-tune!Especially the setting that makes 90% of female pop artists sound exactly the same as Rhianna!

– Whose idea was mixing all those styles in your music – you have hip-hop, ragga, drum and bass, bhangra, electronica – and how it all this became “ADF”

– It came very naturally to us.

– Once you were called “The Last Angry Band in Britain”. Is this still valid?

– It was never valid. It always sounded a bit silly to me. And anyway a lot of hip hop and Grime has always been pretty angry and remains so.

– Are you forced to censor yourselves, when writing a song in UK in 2017? Any subjects that are considered a “taboo”?

– No and no. It’s one thing we’ve never done and never will. Most artists now worry about “demographics” and other things, they try too hard to please. We learn from the audience but we don’t sell out to them.

– You’re always quite political, what’s the big theme for the next album and when to expect it?

– It doesn’t work like that. We just write what we feel.

– If you have to invite a person, a guest-musician that you admire for the next record, who would it be?

– We’re doing a track with the great 47Soul.

– What was the most unusual venue that you’ve played at?

– Either a women’s prison in Switzerland or a Stasi border control in former East Germany.

– Do you guys have a tradition, or ritual before going up on the stage?

– We used to put one leg in the air and dance in a circle going “Hey” but we grew out of it!

– Anything new that you’ll bring here for the show with Dubioza?

– Lots of stuff from the new album.

– Finally, name us a band you’ve seen recently that you’d recommend us checking out

– Once again the great 47Soul.

– Thanks, guys! We can’t wait to see you in Sofia again! We can’t wait to come back!