За да отпразнува 30-ата годишнина на “The Soul Cages“, Sting издава дигитално разширено издание на албума, включващо 13 бонус парчета (7 от които неиздавани преди).

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Sting: The Soul Cages (Expanded Edition)

  1. Island Of Souls
  2. All This Time
  3. Mad About You
  4. Jeremiah Blues (Part 1)
  5. Why Should I Cry For You? (Radio Mix)
  6. Saint Agnes And The Burning Train
  7. The Wild Wild Sea
  8. The Soul Cages
  9. When The Angels Fall
  10. I Miss You Kate
  11. Come Down In Time
  12. Tempted (Live)
  13. Ne Me Quitte Pas (Live)
  14. Oo La La Hugh
  15. Mad About You (Original Remix)
  16. Mad About You (Remix Edit)
  17. Mad About You (12″ Remix)
  18. Mad About You (Italian Version)
  19. Why Should I Cry For You? (Spanish Version)
  20. Why Should I Cry For You? (Extended Mix)
  21. The Soul Cages (Edit)
  22. All This Time (Edit)